Render To Wav

Ok, when i play a song in renoise, spend hours getting it sounding right etc it sounds perfect, crystal clear and clean, when i render it to wave however and play it back it doesnt sound right, it sounds slightly muffled and the sounds dont sound the same. What am i doing wrong?

Ive tried all the different rendering options, and ive worked on quite a few different Pc’s/laptops and always the same. I thought it might be the soundcard or something but if it was the soundcard how can it sound perfect in renoise and not as good once rendered?

Any suggestions? :(

  1. You are hallucinating.
  2. You work in Renoise at a different sample rate then you render to disk (Configs -> Audio)

lol! nope, I’ve thought of that!

Suggestion perhaps:
When you use Renoise youre useing ASIO interface, and when you play the .wav file in another program maybe you use DirectX sound interface. (with different EQ driver-settings).