Render Track to Instrument? (Save Track DSPs in Instrument render)

Is there anyway to quickly and automatically mix down an instrument including the track DSP FX that are associated with the track it’s playing on?

I know this could be done in a time-consuming manual fashion but I’m wondering if there’s a quick button I could press to have Renoise do it automatically?

Basically something like the Plug-In Grabber but including the Track DSP effects - mixed down samples are then auto-mapped across the keyboard. This would allow me to then turn off certain track FX to save CPU because the newly-created instrument would have the Track DSP effects saved within in.

I’ve been wanting a renoise-native-instrument ‘grabber’ for years now. Not sure if it’s worth to script it…

The way I do it is to set a step of 8, then record all the notes in various octaves (go up the keyboard recording each note.) After this I’d mix down the track and manually chop up each key, place in a folder and finally load each sample back in to renoise .

Surely turning that into an Auto-process shouldn’t be difficult to accomplish? It’s a pretty straightforward process, it just takes a lot of time to do it manually. My problem is I can only use about 6 VSTs in any song at the same time so I have to repeat the above process again and again. It’s a real workflow killer.

I must admit that this would be awesome i am waiting for this feature too

freeze wat?

This freeze tool is very good. The only unfortunate thing, is the pattern limit. I hope that this limit can be overcome some day… erm, soon.

Never the less, “I love this tool.”


This is really useful, thanks for the heads up.

Not quite what I had in mind as it doesn’t convert the track into a playable instrument, but at least it’s useful as a temp fix when the CPU is maxing out!