Render tracks to separates files

Whenever i try to render a song to separate files it seems to just randomly pick like 4-5 tracks. All the tracks are active when i try to render. I have not used this function a lot so not sure if its a beta bug or am i doing something wrong?

Windows 7, 64-bit with Renoise beta 6

When using "mute source"ed send devices or groups, signals are routed away from the tracks into the send tracks, so the track itself does no longer have an audible output and thus there also is nothing that can be rendered down.

Are there send devices & send tracks in this song? Is the result working, does it sound like the original song when you combine the tracks? If not, could you please share the song with us, so we can have a more detailed look at this?

There’s send devices and send tracks in this song, yes! As a matter of fact i only rendered parts of the song, 4 patterns if i remember correctly. I’ll give it a try with the full song to see if that makes any different. But as i said it seemed like there was randomly rendered tracks. I’ll have a look at it again tonight and let you know, if not i’ll share the song but beware; there’s tons on VSTs…