Rendered File Is Not Synced

I make my music within cubase and the rhythms with renoise.

I set them both on 170 bpm and loaded the song in bits from cubase to renoise. The bits were cut right and the patterns had the good length.

Normally the exported file sits in nice with the cubase song, but now the sync was all wrong. It lagged a beat every minute.

Has anybody experienced this? I couldn’t find anything to fix it (bpm check, pattern length check, length of song bits check).


Did you use a VST effect which introduces latency?

No vst effect was used, just straight samples.

What version of renoise are you running? Since 1.8, the bpm in renoise should be correct. Are the samples / loops precisely cut?

just in case: you have to use speed 3 or 6 [maybe 12 also] to get a “real bpm”.

Yeah, but this is only for the “real” bpm to be displayed in the song settings. The song from Renoise should sync perfectly with other hosts at any speed, as long as you know which is the bmp of your song. (This wasn’t the case prior to v1.8.)

sorry, not here (v1.8). a 177bpm loop isnt 177bpm on speed 4.

but anyways:

he’s telling us, that he already checked booth bpms …


thanks for the reactions.

I run renoise 1.5, I will try running 1.8.

The samples of the song are double checked, no overlap.

I set speed at 6 and usually 1.5 did ok.

I have singled down the lag in sync on the pattern transitions. The bpm overall is ok, but with each transition the exported file lags a few ms.

I have cut out the lags in cubase and the bpm fits now. although this is a painstaking process.

I use speed 4 all the time. Renoise syncs perfectly with other programs, like Cubase.
But if you’re saying that the whole bpm issue in Renoise is not so straight forward as in other programs then I agree, of course. The very existence of speeds in Renoise is a proof of it.

Yes, that’s exactly how 1.5 behaved. With 1.8 it works fine.

thanks again