Rendering A Sample?

Hey, just bought Renoise! Woo-hoo!..but now I need to figure out some more about it (seems to be the running responsibility taken on with Renoise).

I am normalizing clips I recorded on a Nagra digital recorder in Renoise’s sample editor, but I need to know: how do I save these new normalized sounds? Do I render them, or can they just be saved a s new files without rendering?

I am probably just missing a little button that my freshly napped eyes have tiredly glossed over.

PS, I am using the 2.0 beta, but I don’t think there are any sample editor differences from 1.9. I don’t know though, that’s why I’m asking!


Go to the diskbrowser, click the “Sample” radio button,

Click on the filename field to the right of the “Save” button,enter e preferred filename then click on the save button that turned white (got enabled). The extension.wav is not required, Renoise will add it automatically.

Oh yeah, of course! Thanks vV!