Rendering instrument ( controlled by midi vst ) gives 50 ms offest

rendering instrument ( controlled by midfi vst ) gives 50 ms offest
I am controlling abl3 by loomer architect ( modular midi environment) runnng as a plugin in renoise >
In achitect the pattern/sequence is running when it receives a note on message and stops when it receives a noe off ,
But upon rendering selection to sample there is a whopping 40 ms delay time , iow thhe first part is cutt of

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Just wanted to say that this happens with a lot of midi plugins and only in renoise .
I re-inserted the plugin and now it behaves fine , after a couple minutes the rendering is again of by 20 ms miliseconds .
This fishy behaviour has never been fixed ( when renoise became able to use midi plugs ) >>
PLease guys , fix this

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The lack of response from the developer(s) is just beyond comprehension
It also happens when the destination is a renoise instrument

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Maybe this happens to prevent a sample from being cut in a place you don’t want it to be cut, I really don’t know but this interests me too.Not big of a deal but I like learning things.

no ., it has nothing to do with cuting of samples .
The rendered selection is just ONE note that activates the sequencer in the midi vst ( loomer ) which outputs note data to a plugin .
A bit like using the phrase sequencer , you also only need one note to trigger it .
it’s a rendering issue

Is PDC (plugin delay compensation) active in your Settings? If it is, have you tried disabling it to see if this issue still occurs? If it is not, have you tried enabling it to see if this solves the issue?