Rendering Looped Sample Drumkits From Drum Vsti'S


One of the greatest Renoise addition of all time imo is the ‘render plugin to instrument’ option. Not only does it save you some cpu, if replacing the original vsti after rendering, but also opens up the sounds to further manipulation in the sample editor and/or using pattern commands in the pattern editor and what not.

You’ll lose the option to automate if replacing the vsti with the sampled version, but why replace the vsti if it is not necessary and use it additionally?

Anyways, thought I’d drop a technique I’ve been using since the option to render vsti’s exists;

Used on drumkit vsti’s with auto-loop samples checked in the tool on very small duration settings.

This way the rendered kits get a metallic feedbacky sound, but with the original attack from the instrument intact (depending on the sound, and duration amount of course). Using the envelopes and options in Renoises instrument editor you can further shape the sound and add some pattern command & dsp flavor on top in the pattern editor.

Simple steps to follow:

  1. Load up a drumkit vsti (waldorf attack, drumatic, microtonic etc etc).
  2. Program a beat you like
  3. Right click in the instrument list on the given vsti and select either render plugin to instrument (replacing the vsti) or render plugin to new instrument.
  4. In the plugin grabber window in midi options click, set from song
  5. In the plugin grabber window in sampling options enable auto-loop samples (crossfade)
  6. In the plugin grabber window for duration experiment with small ms settings depending on your taste. In my example .xrns I used a value of 12 ms.
  7. press start in the tool to render


(uses freeware drumatic 3 vsti ):

Nice tip sir!!!

(and i dont mean your purple headed womb ferret:-)