Rendering .mod Files

Many apologies for asking a series of questions that may be poorly phrased.

My situation is this: I compose in Logic on a mac PPC machine (osx 10.3.9) using a gm machine provided via quicktime. I then export midi files (without samples) for use on a cell phone [the software using the midi files trigger the gm machines resident in various cell phones]. However, cell phones using the windows mobile os do not support midi and instead utilize the .mod format.

My goal is to take the midi files I have and convert them into usable mods for the cell phone (keeping the same feel across platforms if at all possible).

So the questions are:

  1. If I load a midi file into renoise can I save it as a .mod file [Is renoise able to render .mod files for the Windows mobile platform?]
  2. Is there a way to capture the “sounds” of the quicktime instrument on mac so that they provide the samples for the .mod file

Please feel free to correct any misunderstandings/misconceptions I may have as I am completely new to the tracker format though it looks quite promising/intriguing.

Thank you very much for your time and assistance;

  1. Renoise does not save .mod files. However the new format makes it possible for any programmer to write a converter to convert .xrns to .mod.
    Though, expect loss of a lot off effects that are not supported by .mod (there is only a range of 16 effects that are supported by .mod due to it’s origin).
    Also expect loss of samplesize. It depend on the supported .mod format that your mobile can play, but if it only supports 4-channel .mod type, usually that type of mod also only supported samples not larger than 64kbytes in length and also .mod files usually could not carry more than 32 instruments if i’m not mistaken.

I can’t help you with two, though i have read something about a trick to reroute your audio from your internal midi synth to your line-device, i have not found the article unfortunately.