Rendering Options


i’m just wondering if anyone has considered having an option to render a given pattern “pre-wrapped” with the tail added onto the beginning so that it would loop appropriately in another editing app…

also, it would be nice to be able to leave a tail on any rendered file to that things aren’t just chopped based on a pattern ending, etc.

is this something that other people want??
is it possible?


Seems like a reasonable option to add to rendering…

never got an answer back about this from any of the developers…
what do you guys think?
i’m sure you’re up to your neck in other, more pertinent issues…


The only thing i would do regarding tailing is pasting a second copy of that pattern behind the first one and render the selection of two patterns to disk, then load it up and loop it with it’s startingpoint from the center.

Try it…

I’m sure everyone has realized that it can be done know. But it would still be easier to have this option in the renderer. I second this suggestion.


that was definitely my thought originally.
the last thing i want to be thinking about when i want to export some material out of the program is 2 or 3 or 4 more steps.

so back to my original question:
would this be a difficult thing to do using a type of VST that has a continually changing algorhythm, or is is something that is fairly easy to implement with the implementation of the feature?
i guess the problem that comes up is not being able to “get exactly what you hear”, which is often the case in using these types of VST’s anyway. would there be a way to ‘freeze’ the state of a VST before “exporting with tail”?