Rendering Problem

I have a song which I’m trying to render and for some reason some of the sounds keep cutting out and then coming back in again in the rendered file. This is mainly noticeable with drums that are being playing from Battery kits. Any ideas guys?

try it with ‘auto suspend’ unchecked in the ‘instr. settings’ tab.

Does it do Direct From Disk mode or something?
If so, try to turn of DFD as this occasionally doesn’t keep up with the rendering engine of Renoise.

If not try to locate something like that in that location.
Also try “Real mode” rendering (VST compatability mode)

Thanks Sqeetz, that’s sorted it!!!

Why did it sort it? What does auto-suspend do?

Thanks mate

Auto suspend shuts down the vsti if no activity is measured from it. In some cases vsti’s keep processing while it is actually doing nothing. This may cause interference with the next sequence of commands it get’s from it’s host due to the fact it has to abruptly terminate the “running” process first and initiate another.
If the process had been suspended earlier, this glitch doesn’t occur anymore.
I haven’t had this problem though.

i had this while messing with the kontakt 2 demo.
while prehearing the samples from the browser there was obviously no midi input while clicking with the mouse on the samples leading kontakt after no sound was played to suspend after a while.
took me quite a while to figure out why i couldn’t hear a thing while clicking on the damn samples. :rolleyes: :D

@boshdog: you’re welcome. :)

Ah, nice one again Sqeetz, that’s why sometimes I can’t preview sounds in Kontakt and Battery!!! Thanks. That really is a big tip in my world!!!

I’ve had similar behaviour with kontakt but DFD was definately my problem in this case.
I have Auto-suspend always on else my CPU goes beserk with most VSTI’s.

swtiching DFD off does the trick for me aw well, as long as I have enough RAM to preload samples. Anyway, I’ll try disabling auto-suspend, but I’m quite sure that I will have the same problems Vvoois experienced, which is related to using huge amount of samples (>500MB)