Rendering Problems On Speed

I found some topics about rendering and speed issue in the 1.5 bug section. They all said that rendering to same sample rate than your playback should make correct rendered waves.
Unfortunately this is not completely true, because when I render say pattern long drumloop to a slot when playing @ 48khz, and the sample is rendered @ 48khz, it’s still too fast when played from c-4 (which should give the original speed of the loop).
So I’m not sure if this problem is already solved, as the topics all had [fixed] or [nobug] tag, or if it still persists. Maybe someone with more knowledge could enlighten me on the subject?

e:It seems that when rendering selection to the slot the output wave is always 44.1khz and if playback is @ 48khz it will be resampled to 48khz, thus getting a higher pitch. As far as I understand, this is not what was discussed in this topic, is it?

e2:no, the problem occurs only with samplerates above 44.1khz, the rendered section is faster than original.