Rendering & Recording With Renoise

I would like to use Renoise for MIDI sequencing as tracker programs best fit the style of music I wish to make. I use both VST instruments and hardware synths and wish to sequence both with Renoise. However, I prefer to edit, process, and mix in Pro Tools and Digital Performer. How might I go about doing so? I figured I would simply render each track to audio and import it into Pro Tools/DP, but understanding the tutorial correctly, I cannot render MIDI instruments and would then have to record them directly into Pro Tools/DP, right? I am slightly afraid, however, that my computer would not be able to handle running both Renoise and Pro Tools/DP simultaneously.

I don’t think any professional studio would do the same (running a host and pro audio tools)
A professional studio probably has more PC configurations that run different tools standalone, yet connected in a network.