Rendering Renoise Beats As .wav's Or Using It Live

Basically, I want to use beats I made in Renoise with other song parts made in other programs. My current idea is to create the beat of the whole song in Renoise, then create the whole other parts in the other programs, then layer them on top of each other in Logic Pro.

First of all, will I be losing any sound quality by exporting it to a WAV, putting it in another program, then exporting the output of that program into another file (.wav or .mp3) ? Especially since Logic Pro only accepts 16 bit .wav’s.

Second of all, would it be better to do this by syncing it directly to Logic or something? I’ve read the thread on syncing to Renoise to Cubase, but I don’t know if there’s away to rewire Renoise’s output into Logic.

Also, I’ve read up a good bit on the whole Cubase vs. Logic thing, just wondering what most people here think. I assume more people use Cubase because they use Windows. I probably won’t switch over forum opinions, I’m just curious to know what this community thinks about the whole issue.

it depends how you bounce down the tracks, and what sample resolution your song is at to begin with. in general though, 16/44 is fine for club play (hell, 320s are played at most clubs with reckless abandon these days). I dont know about syncing directly to logic, i’ve never done it, and even though im on a mac, when i did use another sequencer, it was cubase sx3.

as far as cubase verses logic goes, they both have their merits, and i think that logic tends to sound great, but it really is a matter of personal opinion i think. Decide what DAW you feel more comfortable working in and learn it inside and out. Im not speaking for the community, for sure, but more from personal experience.

and as far as what i use, its pretty much exclusively renoise these days. if I’ve got high quality samples, renoise far surpasses logic’s sound. its gorgeous!

Rendering beats using Renoise and using Logic as the main tool is totally fine. A lot of producers do this.

Sound quality is subjective, since you will be layering and re-tweaking in another sequencer, you won’t be losing any quality you don’t want to lose.

IMHO that’s how many trackers did it back in the old days. Me personally, I would render everything from FT2 into individual tracks and re-import into something like SAW and continue working from there.

I say if it feels good do it! Haha.

Me, I now do everything in Renoise. It has everything I need and I’m too lazy to to not use it. It’s not ideal for recording 3 minute guitar sessions, not yet anyway, but chopping those sessions into smaller pieces and messing around with them gives more satisfying results for me, so the limitation is actually part of my artistic process. So to summarize, I do what you propose in reverse. I use Garageband to record stuff, render that to WAV, import and chop it in Renoise, which is my final host.

Good times.

me too conner, except i tend to use cubase to record things :)