Rendering Seperate Tracks Problem

i have a trouble with render with seperate files

output files are saved not correctly (without begining)

ver. 2.1 (windows 7)

thnx for your time

Hello Jalex,

in order to help you, could you please give us some more info?

You are rendering a full song or a pattern sequence range?

Does this song render correctly without the “Render Tracks to separate files” option?

Does turning on/off PDC make a difference here?
Are you using the track delays in the mixer to shift tracks manually back & forth?

Does this happen with other songs as well?

What exactly is “missing”. How much of the beginning is missing. Just a few samples, or some beats.

Also do you use plugins and which render mode do you use? (Fast, slow, realtime plugin compatible)

its a truoble with pdc. =(
this problem appears even when i use standart plugins


link for test tune

render setting 24 \ 44

By “Standard” you mean the internal plugins?
That would be very odd… since only a few internal plugins (like the bus compressor) have a minor latency problem.
For the VST plugins, you can click the question mark which opens up a dialogue and allows you to toggle the “needs static buffering” checkbox. That may in half of the cases change the situation for the good. That ain’t possible with internal DSP plugins though but if you really suffer the same issue on internal plugs, it might perhaps be the buffersize configuration of your audio card.

edit:tried the test-song, i can’t reproduce it here on XP.


when i exported track without PDC its all ok (internal plugins)
in case with internal plugins ,with on PDC, the beginning of the file is cuted. it can clearly be seen on the kick.
using VST which initially have a big delay, such as isotop ozone, waves linmb 4 steps from the beginning of sample are cuted.

sory for my eng =)