Rendering track through outboard gear?

Hi! I’m a bit new to the forums but I’ve been using Renoise for some time. I recently bought a Digidesign 002r to be able to use my outboard dual tube channel (EQ/Compressor/Limiter) when I render tracks.

Is this not possible? Or am I just missing something. I got all my individual tracks going out from Renoise through my 002r channel 3+4, into my DTC, back into my 002r on channel 5+6, and into Renoise on a send channel that goes to the master channel. Now I expected that when I did a realtime render, that it would render the track through that signal chain but it doesn’t. It just renders everything directly to the master channel in Renoise. What am I doing wrong?

I hope I explained clearly enough! Cheers

Audio Interface is turned off when rendering I believe. This has been requested, along with capturing/mixing in anything present on Line In Devices but currently it is not possibly as a Render as far as I understand (although I do hope to be proved wrong.)

You should be able to add a Line Input Device to a channel, connect the output of the desk to this (via the audio interface’s input) and then record as you play though, I believe. Sorry but not personally tried and tested but in theory I can’t see what you shouldn’t be able to…

As Kazakore explained, you can add a line-in device and Renoise will take that along the rendering route, realtime render means that Renoise is buffering all elements on their individual required levels so that the outcome is mixed perfectly.

The soundcard output is disabled because you can render a song that you would otherwise not be able to play realtime, (e.g. because your CPU couldn’t handle it). If the soundcard would be enabled, the output would only confuse you and its output will also be worthless when using such external devices.
Best bet here is outputting to WAV either in total or per track and then play these prerendered tracks through your device and record them again.
I don’t know if the digidesign is capable of playing and recording input at the same time.
I can do this in Renoise with my soundcard as long as i’m playing outloud and not render.

I see, I’ll just record it back into renoise then and see if that works out. Thanks!

erf this is a nasty workaround