Is a new version of renoise to be expected soon which fixes that stupid “first line not played and rendered” bug ? I (and I guess others) really need this.

Also, some more ideas for improvements :

the old things first :

clear the wavebuffer before rendering, because at this point you have delays and stuff which is still played in your rendered file when you press render,

disable midi-in when rendering.

also, some other things highly appreciated would be :

render per instrument, not track

render a selected range (also with some pre-run, means I want patterns 10-13 to be rendered, but there is a long sample which is started at the end of pattern 0f, so I would like to have an box like

play from position : 0f
render from postion 10
render to position : 13

maybe a box to disable/enable tracks in rendering

also, would be nice if the render window would auto-close after the rendering is finished.

at this point the rendering is far from being really useful, I am afraid. :(
today I had to export some drums I made, splitted into patterns and also dividing the basedrum and the other drums, and it was a real pain to do that.

try deleting/muting all opther insturments before rendering

try disabling the unwanted tracks before rendering

(these features still deserve to be implemented, anyway, even if they just automate these two suggested methods)

huh ? does render whole song leave the currently muted tracks out ?
stupid me, I never tried this …

yes it does :)

about this render bug :
a 1.21 release is planed for next week as all known 1.2 problems are fixed and some nice small improvements are finished.