i experienced a problem containing rendering. i put an effect (flanger) on master channel and turned it on and off for a short time only (strange enough i had to use the commands vice versa to achieve the on/off trigger). i also automated two of the effects faders between this time. and volume.

all works well when i play the song in renoise. i rendered it to a .wav then selecting to put all channels in one file and it worked with the effect (a few channels were a bit quiet though).

to have the possibility to master the track a bit better i tried rendering each channel to one .wav file then and here the mistake occurs: the volume commands are getting done but the flanger is not activated though the whole track. why is this?

i thought i maybe could use send tracks for this effect thingy but i haven’t had the time to try it yet. will do when i got some sleep. but how can i put this effect for all channels? by sending it to the master?

anyway help appriechiated.
good night
die tonschabe

well these are basicly the thoughts that i had.

but there must be a way to do this kind of effect usage without having to set the effect for each channel/ open instances on each channel. i already run 12 channels with plenty vsts (including reaktor) and i’m around 60% processor usage when everything is running so i won’t put in so much more i think.

anyway i’ll try to experiment with the send channels a bit today. hope i get the desired result.

die tonschabe

Haven’t tried this myself, but the obious solution would be to render master track and send tracks as separate files as well.