hi all,

A few Q’s

1)What is the most effective settings for rendering?

What i want to be able to do is store the songs on my ipod and play them live through a mixer so i want them to be as clear and as loud as possible…how can i achieve this?

  1. How can i ensure all my songs play at the same volume level once rendered?

  2. Can you directly record into renoise via some method? I.E vocals ?

Your helps appreciated,


1 - Try the softclipping checkbox in the Master panel of the Audio configs. You can pull up your master volume as loud as possible, but the audio will automatically retain a level before true clipping.
But as mentioned, it’s not just about volume only, good EQing is another.

2 - Seen answer 1

3 - In the Next Edition, you can.

sorry to hijack this thread, but since it is also is about rendering I thought I’d drop in:

When you have a vst effect working on the master track (for example multiband compression), and you export each seperate track to .wav. Does the multiband compression influence each track like it would have been when mashed together with the other tracks in the master?
So if you’d import & combine the seperate tracks in a multitrack editor like cubase, it would sound the same as an exported total track with compression from Renoise.

Or does it simply apply the master effect on each track, which seems the most obvious plausible thing, but still I’m curious :)

No the master-track effects are not applied to the individual tracks because those effects are not routed back to those tracks. (for the obvious reason of preventing loopback or feedback effects)
If it would be so that the Master-track fx would be applied to every track separately as if those effects would be pasted underneath each track, it would consume an enormous amount of CPU time, which is the other obvious reason why not to process master track fx to each track, but process it upon the whole audio-chain.

If you want all this stuff to be applied, then you have to manually copy the DSP chain to all the tracks you want to have those effects applied to.

The reason to render the tracks separately is to be able to master it somewhere else, so why would you desire certain effects in the master-trcak being used on all tracks seperately?

If you can, you can always use the sendtracks for that as they are rendered as well.
In that case you have x-tracks rendered with their original sound (if you have the “keep source” option toggled!) and the x-send-tracks with the fx.

thanks for making that clear vvoois! still have to investigate the send devices

You won’t win anything with it as you would need to have the same DSP set in each send-track and you have to use a send-device to send each track to a separate send-track.
It’s more work than just copying the DSP chain from the master-track to each original track instead.