Renoise 1.0

Anyone still have the very first renoise version ever released?
I lost it, but want to have it for… well… nostalgic purposes.

That’s kindda funny… The p[rogram is so young and already has it’s legends :D.

Unfortunately I started using it on version 1.01 or something similar (don’t remember exactly). And I’ve never felt any need to keep something like that.

Though I would be interested too…

more interesting thing that i have alwayswanted to see is FT1…if there really is a such thing… :)

Yes there was Ft1, as I can recall It-Alien worked with it (might be wrong though). But it’s damn hard to find it on the net. Maybe It-Alien himself will help us here?

wowl! even screenshot itself would be so cool! 8)

Yes I’ve used FastTracker I for quite a while.

It writes MOD files up to 8 tracks.
I will search for it on my Hard Disk and let you know if I still have it.

That’s great, I should really have this classic in my small collection.

BTW, why the hell is it so hard to find it???