Renoise 1.2 is available now

thanks again to all for the great support. the list below speaks for itself.

In short: the most stable and performance improved version of
Renoise that was ever made :)

  • <>>>>>>> General <<<<<<<>

  • Improved ASIO performance

  • Improved VST / VSTi performance

  • Improved performance of native effects

  • Improved GUI performance

  • Less memory usage

  • Unlimited number of Send Tracks (controlled by the new Send Track Device)
    for grouping effects

  • Master Track (add effects that will apply on all tracks) for internal

  • All keyboard shortcuts are user definable now via an internal
    editor (configs/keyboard) or manually by editing the “Keyboardmapping.xml” file

  • New Keyboard shortcuts
    +copy/paste/clear/flip/randomize current Note or Effect Column (LShift+LControl F4/F5/F3/F6/F7)
    +inc/dec Step add,
    +set octave 0 - 8
    +diskop page scroll, home end

  • (registered version only) you can render now using resolution up to
    32bit float / 96000 Hz. Tracks can be dumped to a individual WAV file
    (for further processing in multi track editors) or into one File for
    simple mastering

  • config / themes keyboard mapping are stored as
    XML files. This helps us a lot with format compatibility
    (from now on these files are upwards and downwards compatible)
    and you can edit them in a simple text editor if you know what
    you are doing :)

  • <>>>>>>> Import <<<<<<<>

  • Loop points of *.WAV files are imported now

  • Added Impulse Tracker Modules import (*.it)

  • <>>>>>>> Pattern Editor <<<<<<<>

  • Number of undo steps are now unlimited and are stored on the hard disk

  • Rec Note Delay option: record note-on and note-off tick precise

  • Every note row has now a Instrument, Volume and Panning Row
    command 0x03 (set volume) sets the volume for all note rows at once.
    The panning row works now exactly like the volume row: when no panning
    is set the default panning is used (center)

  • Better Note/Effect Column handling
    new keyboard shortcuts for copy/pasting single Columns,
    the Panning- and Volume column can be shown/hidden in every Track

  • Continuously block paste
    LControl + LShift + V will fill (paste) the block segment till the pattern end

  • When you delete a pattern effect number with the delete key,
    the value is also deleted

  • Added (again) logarithmic interpolation in the pattern editor with LControl + L

  • <>>>>>>> Sequencer <<<<<<<>

  • “Clone pattern” button : creates a new unique pattern from the current one

  • <>>>>>>> MIDI <<<<<<<>

  • Fixed : random MIDI note offs in some weird situations

  • Fixed: Bank Select sends now a 14bit bank switch

  • MIDI Instruments have now a Base Note property
    Default Velocity is obsolete now

  • MIDI program and bank changes are optional now, you can enable or disable them

  • <>>>>>>> VST Instruments/Effects <<<<<<<>

  • VST instruments have now a Base Note property. Default Velocity is obsolete

  • Added a VSTi Automate Device for automating VSTi’s more easily

  • VST Effect which have more than 5 controls and an own editor
    will show up with hidden sliders automatically. Click on the
    small (up/down) arrow to show/hide them manually

  • <>>>>>>> Sample Editor <<<<<<<>

  • When holding down LShift while dragging Loop Marker (Sample or Instrument Envelopes)
    the loop range will be moved instead of the single marker

  • The playing position of all channels and tracks
    of a sample is in now displayed as a vertical line in the sample Editor

  • <>>>>>>> Instrument Box <<<<<<<>

  • Added copy and paste into the instrument box.
    All properties (also VST instruments and MIDI Instruments are copied),
    “delete” copies the instrument first.

  • Samples and instruments can be renamed now by clicking
    with the right mouse button on the name

  • <>>>>>>> Track Automation / Instrument Envelopes <<<<<<<>

  • Track Envelopes have now a 3rd Play Mode (Curve) which
    does hermite interpolation instead of linear interpolation (Lines Mode)

  • The number of Track Envelopes (automation) per Track/Pattern
    is now unlimited (was limited to 16 before)

  • When dragging an envelope point in the Instrument or
    Track Envelopes Graph the new value and position is shown in the status bar

  • <>>>>>>> Visualization <<<<<<<>

  • Added peaks in the spectrum analyzer

  • You can control the number of plotted samples in the Stereo and Track Scopes
    now (Width)

  • <>>>>>>> Disk Browser <<<<<<<>

  • Delete in the diskop moves the files/folders now to
    the recycle bin instead of erasing them completely

  • <>>>>>>> Pattern Commands <<<<<<<>

  • Retrigger Command 0xE0: the first digit sets now the volume
    of the retriggered sample

Value Effect on volume each retrig.
0 No change
1 -1
2 -2
3 -4
4 -8
5 -16
6 *2/3
7 *1/2
8 No change
9 +1
A +2
B +4
C +8
D +16
E *3/2
F *2

  • <>>>>>>> Bug fixes <<<<<<<>

  • Bug Fix: missing envelopes after saving a song with copied automation

  • Bug Fix: CC, Pitch bend and Program Changes where send to
    a MIDI Instrument when it was turned off

  • Bug fix: Halion’s key zones are restored now properly
    when loading songs

  • Bug fix: Shift, Left and Right keys are now swapped by default:
    Left jumps to the previous page, right to the next one,
    the key Home jumps to the first instrument,
    the key end jumps to the last one
    but remember that you can set this manually

  • Bug Fix: fixed freezing when closing Massiva VSTi’s
    and crash when closing Virtual Sampler VSTi

  • Bug Fix: fixed missing Envelope Bug after loading
    a song.

  • Bug Fix: EQ10 and EQ5 didn’t changed their values
    when automated

  • Bug Fix: Loop Points and base notes of XI’s are imported correctly now

  • Bug Fix: tons of other minor and major stuff

  • Bug Fix: crash on startup on Sony laptops

And as usual, everything we forgot and tons of minor things

Thank you God, please forgive me not attending church for such a long time, still you bring a wonderfull present like this :D

Merry christmas team Renoise, you did a very good job.

  • Delete in the diskop moves the files/folders now to
    the recycle bin instead of erasing them completely

that’s a minus to me :)

  • Retrigger Command 0xE0: the first digit sets now the volume
    of the retriggered sample

still waiting for 04xy, where x - cut volume

  • When holding down LShift while dragging Loop Marker (Sample or >Instrument Envelopes)
    the loop range will be moved instead of the single marker

i’d like also to see moving the loop_point to the most nearest value to opposite_loop_point_value when holding LControl, could be usefull for finetuning as well…

Thank you guys! Really happy about that Rgc audio Z3ta+ works now! I whish you merry christmas. :)

rondomat :
yes, bugfixes and the “clone pattern” button.

I could spot one right off the top of my head: “Clone pattern button : creates a new unique pattern from the current one”.

Besides, why would you not download the final release since you’re apparently registered anyway? :P

I do have a question though. What is this “Recycle bin” that was mentioned? The Windows recycle bin? I’ve disabled it, so I take it my files will just get sent to the null device (the way I prefer it anyway)? Or is there a Renoise Recycle bin?

its windows recycle bin.

sorry tao :( you have to remind me before we release next time.


sorry, really forgot about that. refx quadrasid sucks pretty much without any keyboard input. triangle II ie. too.

will take care before 1.21 about this.

nice, thanks… now to bad that i won’t have time until next year to play around wit it

much has been prepared under the hood for skinning, but it isnt yet finished as we would like to make it as flexible as possible (freeformed is the goal). therefore we decided not to delay the release of 1.2 because of this. at least its only a skin : the features of an app are still more important if you do more than justing watching at it :)

freeform… sounds nice. does that also allow themes with a higher screenresolution?

Goody… let’s wake up some folks :D

haha damn!!! i actaulyl miss read that tonight, i blame the beer

i wonder how it was done before?


There was default velocity and it was removed?!

Can we have it back :)

Please don’t bump obviously dead threads; link to the thread instead.

BTW: Yeah, it’d be good to have it back.

Indeed, this topic is now being closed.