Renoise 1.2



Will there be any other difference between the registered version or the un-registered version of renoise besides the wave export.

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ASIO and WAV writer is the main thing missing in the free version, the rest you can read on the “Register” page.

And in short… you’ll always feel you are missing something that registered users have, because they will have more… support, more stuff on user pages, more options in program.

We cannot please everybody so we try our best to please registered users the best we can.

Support and extra options can’t be “registered” but we can give it to registered users anyway. So with Renoise registering doesn’t mean only few more options but also much more you get (most of it is described on register pages anyway)!

I put some screenshots on Renoise register page so please take a look. This is just a small example so that everyone knows how it looks like before he registers.

I wouldn´t take much time for it. It´s worth registering. There are tons of software out - I know - every has it´s advatages and disadvantages, but if you compare the prices, the development and the support, renoise is a good bargain.


Thank for all the reply’s.

I think that i’ll register renoise because it’s a great program and I made some good music with it, and i believe that the program is only gets better.

There is only one problem, i don’t have a credit card…

Maby there are other way’s to pay.



Please look at FAQ page for payment methods:


I think I’ll register as soon as Renoise 1.2 comes out.

Jeroen B)

I used Renoise for a couple months before registering. I am glad I registered as the .wav writer alone (although slow, might be my cpu) is much higher quality and less hassle than recording through windows. I also registered Renoise for the VST automation device and to support the Renoise guys who are bringing us the best tracker I’ve seen yet.

– sonicade