Renoise 1.25beta

Renoise 1.25beta is available in the registered users pages.
The resource files have not changed so you can simply copy the new exe into your old Renoise
folder without downloading a new installer.

Please help us testing by reporting every bug you can find. Do this by either writing a mail to or here in the forum. Remember : the more bugs are found and fixed now,
the stabler will be the final release !

Suggestions / ideas for the new Midi remotemapper, *LFODevice and other new features are

The manual is not yet updated, but will be in a few days. If you have questions about the new
features dont hesitate to ask.

the facts :

  • GUI is now resizable. Setup your favorite full screen resolution in the
    Configs/GUI tab or simply resize the window in windowed mode.

  • More stable VSTi handling (fixed a big FPU problem)

  • Import of FXB (VST Bank Files)
    export of FXB’s and in/export of FXP’s will follow soon

  • MIDI Remote Mapper: Assign your external MIDI controllers to any effect slider
    in Renoise. In record mode the values get recorded into the automation, else
    they simply change the current value of the slider support for Notes/Pitch Bend.
    14 bit CCs will follow soon - as this version of the mapper already makes a lot
    of fun to play with we didn’t want to disable it for this release.

  • Added a “*LFODevice” : Automatic control of any effect parameter via an LFO

  • You can choose the default audio processing buffer size for effects and
    instruments in the Configs/Audio tab: Using lower values will allow you
    (especially with ASIO) lower audio latencies: Use at least your audio latency/2
    as process buffer size when using ASIO to get a more stable and click free
    output. A smaller process buffer will produce more CPU overhead, so you should
    just try out settings that are the best for your configuration. We recommend the
    setting of 128 samples for ASIO and the setting of 512 samples for the Direct

  • Maximum number of lines per pattern is now 512 instead of 255 :)

  • Added a pulse waveform to the instrument LFOs

  • Finally support for 24 bit desktop color depths

  • MPC style recording feature: When you enable the pre-hear switch in the
    instrument box you can play and record samples with the NumPad keys. Default
    keyboard shortcut for toggling the pre-hear on/off is “,” on the NumPad

  • Renoise sends and receives MMC (MIDI Machine Code) commands now

  • VST Time Info checks the number of ticks and BPM quantization error now

  • Effect chains can now be imported and exported:
    Imported by loading them through the browser, exported in the advanced edit tab

  • CTRL right click on a note selects the instrument that is being used by the note

  • VST FX parameters bigger than F (maximum parameter number in the pattern that
    you can automate) can now be automated via the track automation

  • Optimizations for AMD processors (using 3D Now!)

  • VST editor windows: You can now enter values using the keyboard when the
    editor window is focused and the new “enable keyboard” checkbox is enabled

  • Second parameter for the 0x04 effect (slicer)
    04xy x is now the sliced volume (0 = silent, f = full volume),
    y is the tick where the slicing will begin

  • Tracks which use a “*SendDevice” and have the “mute source” option enabled are
    visualized in the scopes now before they are muted.

  • After releasing shift when entering notes in chord mode (hold down Left Shift
    while entering notes) the song position will advance by Edit Step and jump back
    to the note column where you started the chord (simply try it : )

  • Keyboard shortcuts for the message boxes:
    ‘y’ -> Yes
    ‘n’ -> No
    ‘c’ -> Cancel

  • Changed/added default keyboard shortcuts:
    ‘Control + P’ -> Paste block continuously
    ‘Control + Shift + Left’ - Decrease number of note or effect columns
    ‘Control + Shift + Right’ - Increase number of note or effect columns
    ‘Control + Shift + V’ - Toggle visibility of volume column in the current track
    ‘Control + Shift + P’ - Toggle visibility of panning column in the current track
    ‘Control + Shift + Insert’ - Insert new row only in current Effect/Note Column
    ‘Control + Shift + Delete’ - Delete current row only in current Effect/Note Column

  • Changed “Note Off” handling for monophonic VSTI-s and MIDI instruments:

C-4 01 … — …
— 01 … D-4 … -> Will glide to D4
E-4 01 … OFF … -> Was gliding in < 1.2 is now not gliding but triggering E-4

-> Note Offs are now always sent before the Note On-s when in the same row!

  • Fix: A note without an instrument number will no longer restore the channel
    volume and panning

  • Fix: User presets of the instrument and track envelopes are restored properly

  • Fix: Renoise crashed on some machines when minimizing in full screen mode
    and restoring it afterwards again by clicking on the taskbar

  • Fix: Rendering to WAV skipped the first line of the first pattern

  • Fix: International characters (i.e. accented vowels) in the XML files
    are stored and loaded correctly now.

  • Fix: Insert line worked only for lines less or equal than 0x80

  • Fix: The base note is now properly restored when copying a sample into an
    empty sample slot

  • Fix: Multiple VSTi-s on one tracks wasn’t possible

  • Fix: Expand/Shrink in Advanced Edit works now again

  • Fix: Instrument List wasn’t properly updated after Zap All

  • Fix: Lower ASIO latency (forgot to remove some test code :)

  • Fix: Some GFX card showing trash when the pattern is bigger than 80 lines

  • Fix: Delay and flanger are no longer saving their status depending on the
    current sample rate -> they should sound exactly the same on all sample rates

  • Fix: Sometimes Renoise got minimized after closing a VST editor window

  • Fix: Some sliders didn’t responded quickly while moving it (for example
    Reverb/Room Size)

  • Fix: Pitch bend and CC Messages where recorded wrong

  • Fix : Ghostnotes :ph34r:

known bugs/problems :

  • Steinberg Magneto produces distortion
  • antialias on fonts is sometimes not shown correctly

Another feature registered users will get these days is also WIP. It already works but needs a bit of GUI :) Of course it will be announced as usual.

LFO is great – except when I choose the arrows to select “desired effect” it seems to jump to a random value on the first or second click, and then works fine from there (i.e.: left mouse button increments/decriments by 1, right by 10)
Very happy with the resizing!

Full Screen Resolution resize - Yeey!
Ability to use keyboard with VSTs - YEEEY!
Can’t wait to test out the MPC style recording/playback when i get home!

:lol: very happy…

Keep up the good work fellas

there is something really wrong with 1.25b, all my vsti’s do only produce static and renoise even crashed once because it was supposed to play some vsti notes … :(

this occurred to me EACH time a new beta was released.

Now it’s your turn :P :D

You bastards, I hate you … i hate you … I hate renoise …

I wish I never saw this soft, with every new release you make my sampler, that I bought a couple of years ago, more and more obsolete, as all the rest of my gear …

Ok only joking (not about my sampler though :angry: ) I am delighted with this wonderfull program that gets better and better with every new release. Keep up the good work.

pah ! I found out that if I just load renoise, select a vsti and then change the samplerate to 33bla khz and then back to 44.1 khz the vsti’s work … but this trick does not work if I load a song … :blink:

I am getting depressed.

kmkrebs :
its jumping because of selfmodulation. I should disable the selfmodulation at least for the destinationeffect and destinationparameter.

looza :
seems that some vsti’s have problems with a prozessing buffersize of 1024. have you tried to set it to 512 or lower ?

What does this mean?
Does it mean that this bug is fixed now:
[](http:// this-link-is-no-more-valid?act=ST&f=7&t=1074)


Big ups for Taktik, Phazze, Martin and the rest of the Renoise team!!! :lol: :)

The resizable window is a killer!! Still have left to try out all of the other new features. Keep up the great work!

Yes! I’m totally impressed – extremely cool release!!! :drummer:
LFO and chord-mode is fantastic!

Some more questions:

  1. Is it possible to use once defined VSTi on several tracks? What to do?
C-5 01 .. ---- | E-5 01 .. ----  

…where 01 is VSTi instrument.

Why it doesn’t work?

Please let me know if such subject were already discussed before.

Cheers – you’re an amazing team Renoisers!

midi remote mapper is great! :P

I have 8 twirly knobs on my keyboard and i assigned them all to different filters on different tracks and had a live jam on a looped techno pattern for about an hour,

got to have a bit of a sesh and record a live trancey tune at the weekend, probably be about 1hr long… B)

Renoise Rocks keep Up the good work fellas!!!

PaulR :blink:

But if you go a bit mad on the reassingning of the knobs it crashes. just have to be a bit gentle with it!!!

PaulR :blink:

just noticed a bug in the remote mapper (dont know if you know?)

track 1 - i have Bass drum & snare & hi hat ( not good pratice i know!!) when you add a filter cut off via remote map it sounds fine when you are playing & twiddleing but if you use the automation while twiddleing and recording it changes all of the samples to sample Number 0, or which ever sample is first in the track?? odd.


PaulR :blink:

Paulr :
can you reproduce this crash ? If yes, please let me know.

about the recording :
make sure that you disabled “rec controllers” in the configs/midi tab. else the controllers get recorded as normal CC messages into the track.

I posted this also a a separate topic but is should have been poste here my excuses.

Ok I found this really annoying bug in the sample editor of version 1.25b

Let’s say you want to remove a click from the begin of a sample (a bass note) so you open that sample in the editor and you select the beginning of the sample an then you click zoom in.

Now you zoomed in, next thing you do is click Fade in to smoothen out the annoying click. So that seems to work fine but the moment y click zoom out all of a sudden you sample has an even bigger click at the beginning of it, it seems that this zoom in zoom out messes up the sample.

I hope I make some sense.

If you need more explanation please ask

keep up the good worx

Sorry only bug here was me :(
I’m sorry for causing any hassle.

The VSTi bug I mentioned earlier is fixed now too, it seems to be because I was using speed 10, 350bpm in one song.

re: Midi mapper crash -

Basically if you setup a filter effect, assign all sliders to a knob on the keyboard, then go back and reassign a slider with a different knob in the same session it causes it to crash, but only when re-assigning in 1 session, if you close remote mapper then re-assign it seems fine!!

Not a problem really just that i assigned a slider to the wrong knob and went to re-assign it. i can make it crash, or you can just be a bit more gentle and it fine!!!

Hope that was clear!!! <_<