Renoise 1.26 released!

Hi people,

Note: as always, registered users already have it ready but unregistered will have to wait about 24-48 hours until first mirrors are updated.

Phazze on behalf of Renoise Team

Changes from 1.25 to 1.26:

  • Added: The Block selection in Pattern editor now works (finally!) as
    column based instead of track based -> you can select and therefore
    also copy, paste, transpose… parts of a note - or effect column.

  • Added: Big memory usage improvement: Empty pattern data is no longer
    stored in memory, which dramatically reduces Renoise’s memory usage
    and improves the overall performance.

  • Added: The Note-Cut effect (Fx in the volume column) works now also
    with VSTi and MIDI instruments. It will send a regular Note Off at
    tick X.

  • Added: The “*VSTi Automation Device” now shows the real parameter
    names of the plug (instead of index) in the track automation

  • Added: The render dialog has now a “low priority” switch. When
    turned on, Renoise will free up more resources to the OS but it will
    take more time to finish rendering. Might be useful when you render in
    sinc mode and want to work with other programs while waiting.

  • Added: The crash backup’s name includes now the date and time. This
    way you will never (even in the worst case) lose a song by accident.

  • Added: New shortcuts in pattern editor:

  • Mark whole track (Alt+T)

  • Mark whole pattern (Alt+P)

  • Mark column in loop range (Alt+Shift+Q)

  • Mark column above current position (Alt+Shift+W)

  • Mark column below current position (Alt+Shift+E)

  • Jump to next track (CTRL+Tab)

  • Jump to previous track (CTRL+Shift+Tab)

  • Jump to next/previous page of tracks (CTRL+W/Q)

  • Jump to next/previous effect column (no default keys assigned)

  • Transpose pattern, track, block and column up/down an octave (no default keys assigned)

  • Set edit step to 12, 16, 18, 24 and 32 (no default keys assigned)

  • Fixed: Some VSTi-s failed sometimes to instantiate (simply produced no
    sound or displayed an empty editor) for example: CES-Synth 125, FM Heaven

  • Fixed: The build-in compressor didn’t properly restored its attack and
    release values after loading.

  • Fixed: Big memory leak when changing default colors.

  • Fixed: Backup saving works now again.

  • Fixed: When cloning patterns via clone option in the sequencer,
    special MIDI commands in the panning row (0x90, 0x91, 0x92)
    disappeared in all except the cloned pattern.

  • Fixed: Track panning was wrongly initialized after loading and in case
    it was not set by a track command.

  • Fixed: After setting a new VST directory, Renoise’s DSP list added
    the wrong devices when double-clicking on entry

  • Fixed: Sometimes the volume envelope started with wrong volume which
    resulted in a click.

  • Fixed: When you were using a MIDI instrument and you entered a
    volume number in the volume column with a “Dx” in the panning column at
    the same time, the volume you set in the volumn column on this note
    was ignored and played at maximum.

  • Fixed: Track scopes were sometimes showing some artifacts from the
    spectrum view.

Phazze, is there some way for Opera user’s to log on to user pages?

Damn you guys are fast!!!




except i’ll have to wait like everyone else because i’m an idiot. ;)

(i went to user pages, and forgot that i’d changed my password - after trying the one originally sent to me a few times i got it to send me a new one, which i used to download the registered zip, then i realised that the ‘normal’ renoise wasnt on the download page so i went back, couldnt remember what i’d JUST TWO MINUTES AGO changed my password to, tried a few things and got locked out for making too many attempts)

gwilym = dikdikdikdikdikdikdik :angry: :angry: :angry:

oh well, i’m sure it’s really good and thanks for the speedy release :(

not at the moment, as Opera’s implementation of JavaScript is not compatible with Mozilla and IE’s. Also Opera seems to have few errors when displaying style sheets on But we’ll improve user pages and browser compatibility in near future so then it might be possible to login using Opera as well.

V1.26 seems to use more cpu that v1.25…

I have been working on a tune in v1.25 with no problems but when I loaded it into V1.26 it sounded awful and I have had to put latency to 250 and buffer size to 1024 just to get it to play properly…

V1.26 seems to use more cpu that v1.25…

Same here! I have a general gui slowdown, not really dramatic but I don’t really like it.

I think I found the problem. The compilersettings where f****ed up, so I might upload a small silent patch tonight wich fixes this problem.

I have a big problem while using TCWorks SparkFX Machine v2.1.
this is a instrument and a dsp vst. no problem with 1.25 release but with this one the plug stops audio output and crashes renoise with critical error in KERNEL32.DLL on my win98SE. I used it in all my renoise songs. It provides parallel dsp wireing (!).


taktik, please make that patch, I am working on a song of mine which was constantly using 90-95% of my CPU and now I cant resume working on it because this time its way too much for renoise … :(

so the ‘fixed’ renoise is yet to come out? the version i could’ve downloaded today has a bug?

good. :D

makes me feel less lazy for just playing deus ex for most of today ;)

(fantastic music in that game; all tracked as well)

I hated it that it ahd some IT-based musicplayer in there, I could never make any music for it or unreal or similar, although I would have loved to.

This sounds scary. :unsure:

You did download it from
If you got it any other place, we of course cannot guarantee that your copy
does not have some sort of virus attached.

i did download it from it’s V1.26!!


i made a .umx file once.

basically, it’s just an s3m with extra channels. no instruments, just samples. and as far as i remember about half of the effect commands didnt work.

but i liked the song, even if no-one on the unreal modding forums wanted to use it (it was dark ambient industrial trip-hop with a silent hill theme)