Renoise 1.27 beta1 -> status report

Let me thank you for helping us testing first. Many users have written
reports and told us how to reproduce bugs. That made it easy to fix
these problems.

Here is a list of known and already fixed bugs :
In short : all big know problems are fixed. Only some small problems and
improvements are missing to be able to release the final version.

Fixed :

  • Crash, that happened sometimes while loading songs

  • The “SupaTrigga” VST-Fx didnt worked with Renoise

  • Keyjazz didnt worked with Midi only Instruments

  • Strange ASIO problems with some drivers, wich resulted in clicks or pops

  • If you loaded a song and zaped the patterns, the automation was not deleted

  • Couldnt store presets in the volume/pan/pitch instrument envelopes…

  • Duplicate pattern freezed or took a looooong time

  • When using more than one automation only the first one could be edited

  • Missing “.xml” extension when saving themes

  • Some small graphical bugs instr.editor

  • VSTi BaseNote settings where lost when imported old songs

  • The diskop stored only the root node with the faviorites buttons

  • When you solo a track, the solo track was also muted for a short time

Known but not yet fixed :

  • When pressing Backspace in the pattern , the pattern showed some
    trash in the newly added lines. Couldnt reproduce this one.

  • Direct from Disk problems with Kontakt

Missing improvements :

  • A “refresh” button in the browser

  • An option to disable the sliderbars in the patterneditor

  • Possibility to enter the destination path and a name in the
    “Render To Disk” dialog

After those missing improvements and the rest of the known bugs are
fixed, We would like to release a “release candidate” for registered users
only, to be sure that this version is the stablest verison of Renoise that
was ever made :)

If you`ve found bugs that are not in listed above let me know them as
soon as possible please.

When you in a track press “Add New Envelope” button don’t appear in track the envelope simbol!

Good Work TakTik!

Maurizio Giannelli

Streetvibes Recordings


one more bug:

diskop lose it’s path current view after any saving operation.

Related to this one is the problem where when you solo a track, other tracks were muted but their Sends were still processed. Are sends supposed to be renderred when a track is muted? Is this a difference between mute and off perhaps?

Still this big one with ASIO/MIDI that freezes the system and just gives you a short moment of responsiveness every “lotsa” seconds or so…

AMD athlon tbird 1GHZ
win 2000, Dx9, 640 Mb
Audiophile 24/96

And also still this very annoying one:

Notes triggered via a midi keyboard are often cut as soon as they start (no matter if they’re midi, vsti or sample), not matter if keyjazz is activated or not, not matter if you’re playing with ot without your song playback in the background, no matter 1 or 10 channels in the track you’re playing on…

It’s veru annoying since it doesn’t allow me to play the piano or anything else in Renoise (for recording, or melody test purpose)… This one is one of my long awaited bugs to kill. There was a thread about it some time agao… no news about that bug :(

This is fixed

nice work so far. but also please try to remove the black screen you get 90% of the time when you close the VST ‘synth1’. it’s not a major bug (though it does annoy), but it was not previously there so surely it’s within your means to remove it. :)

but there are still quite a few major bugs (the ones that stop me from using the program right now) that i’m not sure you’ve covered. please review my posts in the bug report to see what they are. in particular, the crashing problem when loading/using XIs and RNIs. they terrify me, because the program tends not to save my work properly when they happen.

also, i don’t know if you saw these. you may agree with them.

Are these bugs related to the 1.27 beta release only, or do you also noticed them in the last stable release ? Could you send me a link to the bug descriptions ?

only in the beta… my only real ‘major’ problem with 1.261 was the GUI lag; other than that, the new beta has been more of an added features version than a bugfix… (pity it’s come with a few bugs of its own, but i trust you can get rid of them again)

anyway; the forums don’t seem to let me link to individual posts of a thread, so i’ll just quote them here. sorry for the clutter. i’ll quote all the ones i don’t think you’ve mentioned in your fixedlist.

whoah, that’s way more than i thought. some are more important than others i suppose…

and here’s a new one:
i wanted to show my friend (who doesn’t use renoise), an idea for something to dub over a track he was working on. so i loaded up his mp3 as a sample - it came out kinda corrupted, but the first part was all i needed, and it loaded fine, so i trimmed that bit. i put the mp3 sample in the track as a sample, and began to track my ideas over the top of it. i ended up adding more and more instruments until eventually it crashed as i was loading one; sending me back to the desktop with no error message, and no sign of having saved my track. turned out that it DID save my track, just with none of the samples in it…

it seems to just be that loading an RNI or XI will randomly crash the program. usually it even says ‘loaded successfully’, when it obviously isn’t.

and one FINAL improvement, could we please have the option to make turning a track off mute it as well?

Great, I can’t wait for a Beta 2. I hope it will be usable with stability.

However, still no news about that midi triggering bug I mentioned (more than once). :huh:

Please Renoise Team can you tell if you intend to fix this one, and where is it in your priority list ?

Thanks you very much.

Gwilym :
Reading your post has totally destroyed my current view of the software.
Either you are a bug magnet, your PC is totally crap or the software is totally crap. Could you please contact me per mail ?
Can you anything of the above reproduce or are they just happeneing once in a month ?

Never had this one. Anyone else noticed this ?

or do you mean :

This is obviously fixed …

Yes, I’ve this problem aswell and I’ve laso mentioned it before ;) But I think a proper keyjazz fix this cause I think 1.261 didn’t have this problem…

It was the same problem in 1.25 (or any earlier version) though

Taktik: It’s not about the keyjazz I think.

Martinal did have a look at it I think:…c9b5968288a063d

Maybe by looking at this topic you can have a better idea of what it is.
Thanks for your time. :D

Hmm I can only add that this only happend to me in Renoise <= 1.25. It’s working perfect here with VSTis, with no random cut offs or anything. I can’t test with MIDI, because everytime I try to make a midi instrument everything freezes.

no, i can’t. unless your inbox now accepts mails from hotmail.

so, counting down the list of eight bugs (in order; scroll up for more detail), i will say which are constant and which have only happened once.

-keyjazz: constant
-savesettings: suggestion, not really a bug
-synth1 vst: black screen 90% of time, only actually crashed once
-piano vst: only tried it once
-VST names: happened quite a few times, but in the same session. haven’t tried since.
-VST editor artefacts: constant
-sample looping: constant; happened in 1.261 too
-distortion DSP: only happened once
-song crash: happened over and over, always with the same song though. but i’ve had similar things happen.
-mp3-based song crash: ditto

yes, i’m a bug magnet. i’ve very good at nitpicking, it seems. no, my computer is not complete crap - all of its components are near top-of-the-line brands, except for my sound card, which i’ll admit is shite. it’s a soundblaster live! 5.1 - a lot of programs have had problems with it, but renoise never has.

and sorry, i’m going to have to add one more possible bug (other people have mentioned it though):

-the new version SEEMS to indeed take up more memory. the memory usage in songs with a lot of VSTis is definitely lower, but sample-based songs seem to run slower. for instance, i can’t play my beatbattle 2 entry anymore - and that’s after i added 512 megs of ram (totalling 768), which i didn’t have when i tracked the song. now it is VERY possible that i don’t have renoise exactly configured as it used to be (i can’t remember my exact settings), so this bug may not exist. i haven’t tweaked my configuration much.


No the software is far from crap, its the best tracker ever made :)

For me there is not many buggs. It works quite well…

But there is one you need to fix. I cannot save a RNI and then load it…

My account does accept mails from, so I would like to discuss and clear these things in detail per mail with you if this is ok for you.
I dont get most of the points, so it would be nice if you could explain them to me more detailed.

This goes also to all others :
I can only fix something if I know !that! and !why! it happens. Please try to be as precise as possible when reporting the problem / bug and try to make it
reproduceable. I cannot fix something that I cannot reproduce here. If I can, the problem is mostly fixed in a minute or two.
And dont hesitate to contact me directly. Of course I read this forum regulary but its always better for me to find it written down in my mailbox.

ok, i’ll print out my buglist, find an easy way to reproduce any or all of them, and give you detailed descriptions of each in your inbox.

it will take time, but it will be worth it :)