Renoise 1.27 beta1 -> status report

…a small one…

When I copy and insert (the button under the pattern numbers) for the 5th pattern Renoise crashes ever time…

Also I have had the sound cutting out of the left and right and sometimes both channels…

Sorry. I feel both like a jerk and a whiner when I’m saying this. I understand why you made the new diskop the way you did, but I really don’t like it.

Having changed drive, scrolled down the folder three, opened 3 different folders, scrolled a bit more, opened another folder, and finally found the sample I was looking for, then realize that I can’t load it because I haven’t stated that it was a sample I was looking for is REALLY frustrating. I did this all the time in fasttracker and I do it all the time in 1.27. :(

As, I said. I can understand that this will prevent accidents like opening a song when you really wanted to load an instrument etc and how it opens for 5 favourite folders for each file format but please… Please make an option so that I can simply forget about those irritating radio buttons in the diskop.

There aren’t that many good things left in this world… Please, I’m at you mercy. Don’t let the darkness get me… :ph34r:

I agree…

I had no problems at all with the old disk-op

i’ve predicted that problem and suggested the solution - right click at radio buttons switchs type without current path changing. the feature already is in the beta, enjoy :)

wrong! :P

some old RNIs tended to destroy the program altogether (not sure exactly which version they were from; taktik will know though). the bug is fixed in the testbuild i have.

but you’re right, the 127 beta wouldn’t load 127 instruments. it does now. (and all the ones you already saved load now)

Zed> I rest my case. Works perfect.