Renoise 1.28 Released

About this release :

This release was planed as a bugfix release only and should have been
called 1.271. As usual we added again more stuff as originally planed,
so it got an 1.28 at the end.

Beside the fixes of some bugs wich popped up after the 1.27 release,
there are mainly VST effect and -instrument improvements and fixes.
Especially the Renoise <-> VST(i) song timing has been drastically improved.
All major VST’s wich run an internal sequencer, will run now perfect in
sync with Renoise.
Further Renoise now finally supports Wave shell plugins wich are a a standard
in professional music buisness.

Please read the “history (changes since 1.27 final)” section carefully for
more details about the VST timing topic. There are some issues that are quite
complex, so please ask if you dont understand them.

The next relase with new big improvements and features will be 1.3, wich
we are already working on. So stay tuned, Renoise grows from day to day !

Howto install :

For registered users :
First download the installer in the download page, and then download your
registered executeable as usual from the userpages.

For unregistered users :
Simply go to the download page. Download and install Renoise.

History (changes since 1.27 final) :


± Support for Waves shell VST plug ins :
Wave`s VST plugs show up now as regular VST effects in the DSP effect
Note that you need to have at least Waves 4.0.1 installed to use them
in Renoise.Previous versions of Waves will not work, and not show up in
the List !

± Presethandling for VST effects :
You can now choose presets via a popup in the DSP effect views, and
load/save presets or banks for VST effects.

± VST instruments can now be set up, to never get suspended to free
up CPU resources:
By default, Renoise skips processing effects and instruments wich
dont produce any sound for a while (for example when not playing
notes on it for a while). This leads to the problem that VSTi`s
with an internal sequencer might get muted if they are silent for a
while and then wont start playing notes when their internal sequencer
plays notes again. So you can now disable the auto suspend mode
individually for each VST instrument in the instruments / VSTi tab to
avoid this problem.
There you will also see how much the CPU the Vsti currently uses.
Further you can assign a VSTi to play only one one defined track
and not as it was before, that the track is choosed automatically
if you play notes on it. This is usefull if you have for example
a VSTi running that needs no note input but you want to assign it
somehow to a track.

± Better VST time info support :
All sequencer based VST plugs run now flawlessly with Renoise.
There where for example some problems with the Reaktor 3 and 4, and
Virtual Guitarist VST`s.

± The (Amiga V-Blank) Speed setting will now be whenever possible converted
to a “lines per beat” factor when running as MIDI slave or as host for
VSTis : Many people use a Speed setting of 3 instead of 6 to get a higher timing resolution in the pattern. This leads to the problem, that if you run for example your song at speed 3, all VSTs that got Renoise`s timing informations,
run at double the speed (as the pattern scrolls at double the speed at speed
3). This is of course not what you usually want, so Renoise will now convert
the speed settings that are compatible to a lines per beat factor (1, 2, 3 and 12)
internally, and send to all clients the usual BeatsPerMin setting. All other
speedsettings will result in BPM changes in the clients, as its impossible to
convert these values into a proper higher lines per beat resolution.
This is of course only a temporary solution, but it works. We plan to remove
this ugly and musically totally uncompatible speed setting in one of the
next big updates, to solve this problem fully.
Speed is currently only used, to be compatible with older Tracker formats
wich Timing is based on this (Amiga V-Blank) speed concept.

± The “real” BPM and “lines per beat” factor (see above) is now shown in the
Songproperties tab.
About the “real” (what you hear) BPM : As Renoise`s timing is (as in all Trackers)
tick based, the real BPM might be not exactly the BPM that you have set up
in Renoise. This happens because of quantization errors and is normally nothing
to fear of, as the error is very small.
But as soon as you use longer rendered beat samples wich you produced in Renoise
in other audio software this might get noticeable, so you can now see the real BPM
in the songproperties to be able to either adjust the other sequencers to this tempo
or to pitchshift the signal to fit the others software tempo.

  • Absynth2 runs now perfectly with Renoise. It crashed occasionally in the
    previous releases while for example changing the presets.
  • Fixed problems with restoring presets from some VST effects or instruments:
    “Superwave P8”, “VST instrument Drumatic”, “CM-505 free drumbox” and some
    others did not restore their parameters correctly when loading a song.
    Note that you need to save and then reload your old songs to apply this fix.
  • The Inspector VST effect showed only a blank window sometimes
  • The DFX Scrubby VST works now again with Renoise. (It did not show up in
    Renoise`s DSP effect list in the last release)
  • When closing the edit screen of certain VST effects and VST instruments, the
    mouse pointer sometimes changed into other object, such as a yellow triangle
    warning sign and a red circle with white cross.

…Sample editor

± Suport for more types of 32-bit Wav Sample files. There are several
Subformats of the 32bit format. Renoise supports now all the major ones.

± Inserting Sample Data At beginning of a sample in the sampleeditor moves
now also the loop points

  • Fixed problems when setting loop points in very very long samples (> 3min)
    in the sample editor

…Pattern editor

  • Flip in advanced edit or via “CTRL + F” in the patterneditor works now as expected
    with blocks, patterns, columns and tracks
  • Interpolate in the Pattern editor will now also work if the start and end values
    are the same.


± The Render to disk button is now in the disk browser. The button shows up
below the file type chooser if you set the chooser to “song”.

± Added a keyboard shortcut for RenderToDisc.
The default assignment is Control + Shift + “R”, but you can change it as usual
in the configs / keyboardsettings tab.

± An errormessage is now shown when saving a file failes because of a disk error or
because there is too less space left on the device.

  • Renoise as MIDI clock slave works now finally without any know flaws
  • Renoise rarely crashed while loading special songs because of a special number
    of visible tracks of the previously loaded song. This is fixed now.
    This fixes also the rare crashes after starting new songs via the “Zap All”
  • Setting a value higher than 00 of DestSendEffect in *Send Device did not
    work in the effect column.
  • Holding down shift + Right click on the panning, volume or surround slider created
    a flood of automation envelopes.

Have fun with Renoise and stay tuned for the next upades !

In behalf of the whole Renoise team :

thank you very much. downloading it right away.

another great release … thanx to the developers … now i’m still awaiting midi im/export … and then i’m nearly totally satisfied ;) :D

The “real BPM-display” is quite useful, thanks:) I really appreciate that you do care about all your users’s suggestions, this is great :)

Loolarge :drummer:

define better or pro graphic???!!!

Great stuff guys!

(That was me, I was 100% sure I logged in, strange… :blink: )

i’m also having trouble establishing a connection to the page - i don’t get any content at all, just a blank screen with a progress bar in my browser which never ever seems to reach completion.

maybe better luck in a few hours…

finally made it to the actual content of the page - downloading @1,4kb/s :drummer: :yeah:

Skinning is planned, maybe if we are extremely lucky we get it in v1.3

But, you are saying it looks like its text only… hmm i don’t know if Graphic only buttons will be possible, that would be neat.

Nice :) I like the new Vst-preset handling

erm… a question to the devs:
I reported a little strange thing (or bug) in the beta-version to Taktik. This was about the pitch effect and it´s still there in the final release. Well I dunno if this was wanted to be so but the pitch acts now a bit curious for me. mhhh don´t now… really :blink:

Actually, developers are about to change their mind about skin support:
they would like to enhance the interface rather than add skins.

I personally am very happy about this choice: I am satisfacted with the current style and I find skins useless and resource wasting toys.

I can yet set my favourite colours and that’s (more than) enough for me.

My opinion of course.

that’s one of the best news i heard these days. would be great if they do open gl support. i’m totally agree, colors is only i need for nice view, that’s why i suggested easy controlling of them (via bright/contrast/hue).


Missed the release day was on vacation


  • Renoise as MIDI clock slave works now finally without any know flaws

This is awesome - this was a major thorn in my side; really glad it’s fixed now. Thanks guys!

or, it means you can run two laptops with renoise on them in sync; if you’re a two-person outfit.

Just for reference:


…Sample editor

± Suport for more types of 32-bit Wav Sample files. There are several
Subformats of the 32bit format. Renoise supports now all the major ones.

What exactly are all the wav formats now supported in renoise? (b4 ne1 says: yes I know Its all the major ones :P )

I want say - it’s superb!

Now i can use any VSTi at any channel, i can even run 2 different instruments simultaneously on 1 chan !
Also i can use multiple instanses of cloned (copy-paste) VSTi’s w/ different settings and automation, and don’t worry about their cpu usage, cause when stop using one of them - it swithces to ‘suspend mode’ automaticly !


Yes i must admit - this release kinda little more hungry on cpu than 127, but it’s more, MORE powerful anyway.


well, I can only say that there are VSTs which can be loaded endless times, some can only be loaded once, and some can be loaded only for a set limit.

VirtualSampler can be loaded only once, while the BS-16 can be loaded however much you want.
Reaktor 3 has a limit of eight instances.

so, there are limits.

Only ask this again as I have come across wavs that won`t load into renoise in a remix comp since (otherwise not a major issue:P )!

Answer would be useful to me, thx if you can help.