Renoise 1.281 Is Released

About this release :

Renoise updates to 1.281 to fix two VST related bugs that popped up in
the sharp 1.28 release.

Howto install :

Registered users wich have the 1.28 version installed need to update the
registered executeable only. Else you need to download an run the new
installer first.

Unregistered users simply download and install as usual the installer
on our downloadpage.

History (changes since 1.28 final) :

± the crash with the “*VSTiAutomateDevice” on VSTi`s when using a VSTi
without parameters.

± the incorrectly restored VST effects wich have no presets

excellent…thank you :rolleyes:

Holy crap you guys work fast, Taktik


Thanks again for upgrading an (in my eyes) already perfect software :P

:lol: :yeah:
is one small step for a music software…
One giant leap for music makers