Renoise 1.2B1 available

registered users may download now the new beta-release (Beta1) of Renoise. Please report bugs right here, or even better, send us a mail : The download is available as usual in the members-area. go ahead and get your copy :)

those bugs have been fixed in this release:

- fixed strange behaviour of cut copy and paste when a track was shrinked or expanded.  
- instrument / sample gain fixed  
- fixed midi and VSTI pitch-bender  
- program changes are now sent to midi-devices again  
- track-envelopes recording with right-mouse + shift fixed.  
- fixed copy & paste of expanded (multi-column) patterns.  
- midi instruments play now correctly using the pc-keyboard.  
- fixed various issues with fullscreen mode (crashes, missing patterneditor etc)  
- row-wrapping in patter-editor fixed.  
- row-highlighting works now as expected  
- fixed set volume command (03xx)  
- fixed importing of older songs with multiple columns. instrument number isnt repeated now  
 in every empty column.  
- fixed disappearing command-columns when changing the width of another track.  
- fixed panning commands  
- master-channel panning and width works again  
- track numbers are now displayed using decimals everywhere.  
- asio-drivers are closed correctly now.  
- distortion and volume issues for sample instruments played at specific notes fixed.  


the text on the user page is not updated right now. the actual download points to the correct 1.2b1 version. renoise might display still b0 if you downloaded the file to early, but it is the b1.

now i gets “Authentication failed!”

“Authentication failed!” for me too…

please don’t use hard language on forum Zed.
Download should be now working.
Taktik released it before notifying me so therefore a counter wasn’t reset it is not a bug.

it work fine here !!
you rulez guyes !!!
thx a lot.

all my congratulations !

ok, it just came out of emotions… but actually i was hoping to see “****” instead “hard language”, and was lazy to test…

please come to IRC so i can help you all having login problems. it should work, we didn’t change anything.

as for others having problems please contact me and you will receive help from me.

don’t scream here on forum that we suck because of some temporary problem, rather mail us to get solutions. we like to help but you have to ask (and as registered users you should)

forgot to wrote… i’m collecting all complains regarding registered user pages and when will fix them or make them at least easier. so, basically, user pages, and all programming on it is just like Renoise, and can have bugs in it. But of course they will be fixed with time and things will improve.

There, just wanted to note that :)

Good job for 1.2b1! It’s great to have bug fixes only one week after release b0!
Seems it’s working juste fine for me! Cool! :D

I’m going back to the music now… :yeah: :drummer: :guitar:

Thanks! ;)

I find it strange that the delete key will allow deleting notes from the pattern even when edit mode is OFF - this was already the case in 1.2b0. Glitch?

EDIT: Here’s another one. Track envelopes on sendtracks or the mastertrack are not copied when using pattern copy/paste functions. (Envelopes on normal tracks are still copied nicely).

the same with backspace and insert keys, but that bug is “usefull” in some sense… no need to change mode to detele a note or move them… maybe it’s not a bug?

just a remembering, altough I’ve already notified this to taktik and pulsar:
the MIDI/VSTi pitch bend (91 xxxx) is ignored in beta 0 and beta1.

taktik has a song of mine to check for this.


strange bug. we have checked it here and verified. works very well (recording and playback)…

i might have an idea how to fix that. insert the instrument number in every row using the pitchbender for the current playing instrument. it might help. if so, we have a clue where to look for that one.

I’ve done some more tests on this and discovered that if I put
a note,
an insturment number
a 91
column for the track, the command works, but it obviously also retrigs the note, which it’s just what you shouldn’t want to do while you’re doing a pitch bend (unless, as we did on FT2, we specify the instrument number and note on one or more rows after the first).

it works for me like that. for midi and vsti. did you try that one ?

ok… the 91 command is really screwed up. sorry for that. gotta fix that for the next release (rc maybe)

Just wanted to say

to ReNoise team for 1.2

they managed to solve the pitch bend bug in a hurry and now I’m happily moving my first steps over 1.2 tracking.

A volume column for each note column!!! A dream!!!

Thanks again.

a little bug occurs when importing songs from older versions:
if I have this situation in a 1.1 song:
— – -- C-5 01 30
on 1.2 appears as
— 01 30 C-5 01 30

and also
— – -- C-5 01 –
appears as
— 01 – C-5 01 –

so volume and instrument columns are filled even when it’s not necessary.

this can lead to unwanted results.

hmm. i’ve just downloaded v1.2beta2 and it won’t run at all!
it says it can’t find the file “Arrowup.bmp”… though it IS in the right folder.
has anyone else had this problem? and how can i solve it?
(v1.11 is running smoothly)

It sounds like the file is corrupt, try to unpack it again, or even download it againg.