renoise 1.2beta is available for registered users

From now on, registered users are able to download the latest beta build
in registered user pages and therefore use it before unregistered
users. However, this version is BETA so if you find any bugs, report
them by email ( and not on the forum

Installing notes (IMPORTANT!):

There is NO installer for 1.2 beta.

  • You first have to download support files (configs etc.) from the download pages.
  • Then download exe from user pages.
  • Then unpack it all into same folder and run exe. And have fun!

List of the finished/improved/new features:

  • less memory usage and much faster UserInterface which
    will result in better audioperformance (lower latencies)

  • (registered version only) you can now render in up to 32bit float
    96000Hz (selectable in the renderdialog). Tracks can be dumped
    to a individual wav file (for further processings in multitrack editors)
    or into one File for simple mastering

  • sendtracks (for grouping effects) and a mastertrack for mastering

  • advanced note/effectcoulumn handling copy/paste/transpose/…
    single note or effect columns volume/instrument/panning per
    notecolumn (vol and pan is hideable

  • userdefineable keyboardshortcuts in a internal editor and
    more keyboardshortcuts for the diskop/patterneditor …

  • ImpulseTracker module import

  • VstiAutomateDevice
    for automating VstI’s more easiely

  • vstEffect wich have more than 5 controls and an own editor
    will show up with hidden sliders automatically. click on the
    small (up/down) arrow to show/hide them manually

  • Track and InstrumentEnvelopes have now a hermite interpolation
    mode for more natural slides

  • the number of TrackEnvelopes (automation) per Track/Pattern
    is now unlimited (was limited to 16 before)

  • continuously block paste
    LControl + LShift + V will fill (paste) the blocksegment till the patternend

  • Midi and VstInstruments have now a BaseNote property
    DefaultVelocity is obsolete now

  • when holding down LShift while dragging LoopMarker (Sample or
    InstrumentEnvelopes) the looprange will be moved instead of the
    single marker

  • the number of TrackEnvelopes (automation) per Track/Pattern
    is now unlimited (was limited to 16 before)

  • looppoints of *.wav files are imported now

  • added copy and paste into the instrumentbox.
    all properties (also vstinstruments and MidiInstruments are copied),
    “delete” copies the instrument first.

  • all known midi and vsti bugs should be fixed now

… much more (see included history.txt for more)

Please try to reproduce the bugs that you find and tell us how you did
them. this way we can eliminate those bugs much faster and concentrate
again on adding features.

AAaaargh! For members only :( Aaaargh! Stop the pain! :blink:

I’m really impressed with your progress of Renoise! Great work! Things are really happening here, and with developers really listening to the users. Hmmm, I sound like a commercial…
Personally I’ll wait until non-beta version is available, I’m not in such a big hurry.

ok. now the KNOWN bugs, so plz dont report these:

  • 03xx is broken

  • dont use the scroll-wheel to scroll beyond line 01 (menas up) while playing a song. bad idea right now :blink:

  • dont complain about font-antialiasing. wont work now. we are unsure if it will be still there in 1.2 final.

  • fullscreen mode might be broken on some machines. (plz comment thisone). i experienced broken pattern-editor view.

  • when you just started renoise and loaded a song containing vst instruments, its very likely that renoise would miss the first note played by a vsti.

  • there are several wav-samples with broken headers (means, exported with somehow buggy tools), which can cause headaches for renoise. those are mostly looped samples with inproper headers. just load those samples with a “better” tool and resave them. we are still on that one.

  • some vsti-fx are know to jitter a bit. the reason for this is a bit difficult to explain, but its not really our fault :rolleyes: . this happens i.e. for reaktor vst-fx which cant handle buffer-sizes different to 256 (or below).

  • some of the advandec-edit features might not work as expected.

Note that this should be:

  • advanced note/effectcolumn handling
    copy/paste/transpose/… single note or effect columns
    volume/instrument/panning per notecolumn (vol and pan is hideable)

k. i fixed the posting above. rows or columns … who cares :P

config -> gui -> highlight every X lines dosnt update properly … it only affects the line numbers and you have to switch Hide 0s’ in effectcolumns on/off/on for the highlight to be updated across the pattern

but overall it’s looking great :))


register and the “pain” magically dissapears once you get into user pages :)

Phazze! I would if I could!

You may say “don’t tell me you got no god damn 45 euros”, but oh yea - I do say that: I got no 45 euros right now.

However program is worth of it, i’m not trying to say it’s expensive; price is just fine. And i WILL register before end of this year you have my word on that dood! :)

I’m still very impressed! You guys rock. let me roll! :yeah: :drummer: :guitar:

i thought somebody wrote “report bugs by email ( and not on the forum” :)

if so, sorry, it was my fault. i told ppl over at #renoise to post it right here. i will extract the bugs, mail them to taktik and remove the threads. so ppl can still be posting here.

otherwise i would have to parse several irc logs (@home, @office) and see what ppl have reported in the chat.

Here’s something you might want to watch out for in the new version with regards to old module compatibility. Applies to those of you who have used the track panning row.

In the new version the panning row has been fixed to the classic behaviour of altering only the current note panning, as opposed to changing the track pan setting in v1.11 and below. Now when you load your module in v1.2b, your panning may be different, as the panning row will still function, but it will be affected by the trackpan which may have been saved in an unexpected position.

I’ll try to clarify. When you save your mod in 1.11, the trackpan will be set to whatever last value your module played through the panning row. Now, in 1.2b, the trackpan is independent from the panning row and it will modify your pan row commands.

So, if your module sounds different when upgrading, check your track panning and set it to 50% on tracks that use the panning row.

On the up side though, now you can control panning with a track envelope while still using the panning row for fine adjustments. Great!

Renoise 1.2b is not cleaning up properly (ASIO). When I exit it, my sound card drivers remain locked as far as Directsound goes. No Directsound application can use sound (Winamp, Sound Forge, or even Windows itself). I can, however, restart Renoise and start working again (with ASIO), but when I exit, it’s silence again.

I suspect there’s something hosed with Renoise’s ASIO cleanup, and here’s proof of concept. When I play a module with MPT using ASIO (after using Renoise and hence killing directsound) and then exit that, the drivers are unlocked and everything works ok again.

This phenomenon is constant, happens every time.

EDIT: Here are some graphic bugs. The first one, depicted here happened when I was playing a module and started quickly decreasing the length of the volume envelope. It’s like those lines just ran their way to the old end of the envelope even though the length had changed. (I’m just nitpicking, don’t waste time on this one unless you absolutely feel compelled! Severity rating: 0 :) Unlike the old envelope display bug which seems to be fixed as far as I can tell, this bug vanishes when the instrument screen is rewritten.)

And a different one is here: Renoise doesn’t write captions on any DSP effects that are in position 5 or higher in the signal chain. This is very easy to reproduce, just start Renoise up and start slapping effects on a track. I expect you probably knew of this one already, but since it wasn’t listed in this thread I just thought I’d give it a mention.

it was never meant to be a comment on your work, just as a funny comment nobody shouldn’t care about. well… somebody did care :slight_smile:

contact me privately on my renoise email address.
I may have some ideas how to help you get Renose you need (how to earn this money). Wanna help? then mail me. (this counts for everybody else that is interested how to get renoise withing a week. but you have to contact me if you want to know… - i don’t want these comments to escalate into public discussion). so accept free help if you can :)

i for one would appreciate people posting bugs here (or in aother thread) as well as e-mailing them… helps me decide whether i want to try out this version or just wait for the full release

(when will that be, by the way? how much earlier are we registered users seeing the program?)

it depends on how much bugs are still in. with your help we will find them faster and the final release will be earlier. thats why we decided to make the betaphase public …

gotcha. well, i might test it just to try and help you out.

but you really should post the bugs somewhere on the forum to make sure everyone isn’t reporting the same thing over and over. :)

we will post the current status of known and already fixed bugs tomorror, ok ?

Rendered my new tune in 1.2b using the master FX track for mastering compression and curved envelopes without any worries…

Only problem I did find was that the top slider in the reverb fx didnt move all the time…

Oh and set VST from browser path caused it to crash the first couple of times…

Oh, by the way… I was kind of hoping to see the comments screen in this version. In my opinion that would make distributing .RNS mods more convenient, plus make it easy to write a track diary or notes to self or stuff like that.