Renoise 1.5.1 Beta 2 Released!

To keep you busy we have just released a minior update to the recent release of Renoise - 1.5.1 Beta 2. The change log is pretty small this time:

  • Fixed looping in the pattern sequencer.
  • Fixed missing updates in the track scopes when moving tracks.
  • Fixed an issue with the disk browser presets which did not get restored properly.

Furthermore OS X Builds should finally work as they should. We have triple checked it this time.

You will find the updated builds as usual on the backstage area –



Works on OS X! Thanks.


First time I loaded up Renoise, it gave me some bizarre VST errors that I have never seen before. I shut the program down, re-launched, re-scanned my VST dirs and everything was normal again. Weirdness.

The registration patch worked fine, no problems here.

Thats ok. This happened because the last start with 1.5.1 crashed (the old buggy regged 1.5.1 builds).

yum! :)

Is Renoise 1.5 able to read files that are made with Renoise 1.5.1 ?
I’m asking this because it might cause some difficulties on the next demoparty if there is no retrocompatibility. So I know if can continue saving with the newest version or not.

yes, v1.5 is able to read files saved with v1.51.

the song I’m going to release at Buenzli DemoParty will make extensive usage of “ghost instrument” feature which has been added since version 1.51, so I really hope that the devs will make it available before the demoparty.

by the way, I see no trace of music compo rules on Buenzli site. Is it only me? :blink:

I answer to myself:
I’ve contacted people at Buenzli organization, who promptly replied.

1] music compo rules are here

2] I’ve warned them about new version incoming, so they will receive it directly from me in any case. Feel free to abuse of 1.5.1 capabilities, then :)

Am I too stupid to find the ‘ghost instrument’ feature? Itty, please help!

btw, thanks for the answer, keith.

about the “ghost instrument feature”:

look here

nice update. this only bug I can find is the track move bug…f65c0c6c7f97481

will installing this on osx write over anything for 1.5?

Only if you overwrite the application bundle. Backup the 1.5 app in these cases, or choose a different installation folder for the .app. All other files (Prefs/App support files) will be placed in new version folders (V1.5.1 instead of V1.5)

There’s still that little graphics bug from 1.5.1.: When hovering over a pressed button (with knobshade to 0).

But I’m sure you were already aware of this.

I use hibernate a lot, and it happened, a few times, that Renoise hung after coming from hibernate, when I tried to open the minimized window. This happened also before this release, tho.
Anyway, I haven’t been able to reproduce this. (Win Xp Home)

thanks Taktik!

this also would happen to me in osx 10.3.9 on 1.5
i would be using the battery and it would run out before i remembered to plug it in an renoise would end up hanging and i would eventually have to kill renoise.
or wait 3-5 minutes for it to respond.