Renoise 1.5.1 Tutorial Songs

There are a number of tutorial songs that come with Renoise 1.5.1 and I am especially interested in the Tutorial 5 - Beat Slicing one. However, I could not find any explanations on what is happening on the song. I really like what I am hearing but I dont know what exactly is happening. There are changes happening to the Effects column but not sure how to go about redoing that myself… can anyone please help? Or is there any explanations I can get anywhere?



I don’t use 09xx for beat slicing at all, but the technique can be explained anyway.

09xx is sample offset: it lets you play the sample from a position which is different from the beginning of the file. The effect of beat changing is then obtained by playing a single beat loop sample starting from different positions.

Being the range 0900 to 09FF, you have 256 different positions from which you can start playing the file. Of course, the bigger the file, the bigger the 256 “blocks”, and then more “coarse” is slicing.

However, to play a sample starting from its half, use 0980.
To play it from 3/4, use 09C0.
To play it at xx/FF, use 09xx.…fd507d88f9daef7
in this thread is link to another tutorial about same slicing/offset thing.