Renoise 1.5.2 and a general question about installing updates (2.8.1)

I was perusing the Backstage area to see if there was a new update (just saw 2.8.1) and so I decided to download and try 1.5.2 just to get an idea of what kind of a program it used to get an idea of how much it’s changed. I also gave 1.28 a whirl but I couldn’t get it to install :P. And damn it’s changed! What do you old school Renoise users think about how far this software has come? It seems to me it’s really grown over the years.

Also, I downloaded the 2.8.1 update. Does Renoise install it’s updates into a new folder leaving the old version still there? That seems a strange way to do that. I noticed I still have the 2.7 demo still installed on my Laptop alongside 2.8. Is there a work around this or do you always have to uninstall the old version? I just don’t want to have to redownload all my tools.

You can specify the install folder during the process of installation, so you can overwrite the previous version. Anyway, Renoise should be able to recognize the existence of a previous version and copy the preferences used in it, including the installed tools; some of them may not work with the newer version and may be disabled on startup

I started with the program at 2.1… And I believe that since the program is not even at version 3 yet, most of us can be considered, “early adopters.” I remember Ableton not even getting popular till 5.0. However, the Renoise target market is a bit smaller than Ableton, I totally believe Renoise has plenty of room to grow!! And it seems to be getting even more popular still.

What I have seen since 2.1 and the way the program has grown, is nothing short of amazing. I love every new feature, and I love all the old features. The program has stayed true to the, “tracker philosophy,” which is totally why I got into the program to begin with. I wanted something other than, “a piano roll,” to sequence my synths. I never got the hang of making music with the, “piano roll.” I think this is because before I started producing, I was a jazz guitarist. I played in many rock and jazz bands… and I’ve been playing guitar near 15 years now…

Every time I looked at a piano roll I said, “fuck, but my instrument is guitar.”

Anyways… I have 2.8.1 installed on my machine right now… I also have 2.8.0… I haven’t deleted 2.8.0… everything is fine… maybe one day I will delete it, probably not. Renoise just installs into a new folder, that’s fine with me… All the tools seem to transfer to the new version, “automatically,” so thats great… I’ve thought about checking out those versions, but I like I said, “I’m totally enamoured with the direction this program has gone.” Totally cool :slight_smile:

I started with 1.28. IMHO Renoise changed for the better. The only thing I dislike is how instrument tab disappeared and I wait for it’s comeback ;)


and I really hope it’s just temporary thing, not that it should return in the same way, but in more powerfull integrated proper vst supporting epic way

Powerfull way like separate envelopes for each sample and global envelopes for instruments, freely assignable LFO’s and other meta to all parameters in instrument’s tab etc. Integration with sample map tab…

On topic, the biggest improvement from 1.28 point of view was adding of a mixer view in 1.8.

sometimes i’m really pissed off that the keyboard and mouse interface have changed the second time to the third (actual 2.8) variation.
i mean keyboard shortcuts, i mean commands in samplecoloumn, i mean position of important infos like curent key edit offset, since 2.2 non working dual screen window position after close and open (renoise is now moved to the active monitor which is the RIGHT one in my setup)
i also absolutely dislike that some commands which was great placed with right mouseclick now sometimes moved to a submenu or changed position.
but the price for worsest “non” innovation is the not supporting mousewheel beside trackpos. back in 1.52 we have had the option with a little tweak to use all sliders with the mousewheel, in 1.8(?) this was kicked out and i asked some times if it would be possible to activate this again… but nope.
drag&drop samples from outside into renoise used the current select instrumentslot, and not the one where i let it “drop”.
still no possible to move in sequencer up%down if you are in sampleditor, you have to change always to pattern editor (why?).

beside that interface-supergau’s the technically improvements are just awesome and its sometimes hard to concentrate on making music, (because of to much technically interupts/features).
this is the positive killer list of changes which are extreme handy and forces me to ignore the previous mentioned things XD

-sample seeker
-capture instruments
-color track-scope shemes (i asked with a mokup for in a thread and it was build in without any commend, wow!!)
-zoomable automationcurve
-scriptplugin support
-patterns in sequencer with names
-tracks with names
-vst’i single memory mode possible (wooooow!)

things i thought i would use and need them but i use them never:
-pattern matrix
-grouped tracks
-(multichannel) midi in & export (waited 6-7 YEARS for this, because i have had to work with that, now its too late, nitro soundtool still needs midifiles but N3DS game creating is dying so i get no jobs where i need that option. me and other have bagged for full midi support 5-6 years ago :P