Renoise 1.5.2 Final Was Released

Dear Renoisers,

Renoise was updated to 1.5.2.

The new release is as usual available at (unregistered users) (registered users)


  • Changed MIDI Program Change behaviour:
    When modifying parameters of a MIDI instrument, Renoise
    will no longer resend program changes to all the other MIDI
    instruments, but only to the altered one.

  • OS X: Improved VST window handling: VST editor windows
    should now require less CPU - various drawing / resize
    incompatibilities were fixed


  • Windows: Fixed possible random crashes when deleting a
    VST or native DSP device by clicking on the small “X”
    button in the DSP device.

  • OS X: Fixed start-up problems, if Reoise was installed on a
    case sensitive file system. m

  • OS X: Fixed broken Apple menu in OSX 10.4.3 and higher

  • Fixed wrong import of 32 bit float AIFC and 24 bit files

  • Fixed broken Impulse Tracker import - songs with compressed
    samples should load correctly now

  • Fixed initialization problems with the Korg-M1 VSTi

  • Fixed distorted Audio output with the Normad Phaser VST

  • Fixed incorrectly bypassed *VSTiAutomationDevices: Parameter
    changes were sent to the VSTi even when the device was

ahh, finally 1.5.2 available with ASIO. :)

ps. here i come KORG M1 :D

Here we go again!

And it works great !(not that I had any problems with 1.5.1)


Cheers, will d/l when I get home :)

Thanx! Glad M1 works now!

That’s cute! thx! :yeah:

Thanks for the Christmas present.

multimonitorsupport still doesn’t work ;(

(last version where does it wokrs was 1.28)

although i don’t know what the real benefit of multimonitors in renoise’s case would be… :blink:

simply a bigger desktop and you can see twice time of channels like only one monitor/desktop !

i’ve bought 2 19’’ tft monitors for renoise 1.28 and it was a big surprise in 1.5 that the windowsystem was changed to inoperability with expanded desktop.…ens_low_res.jpg download this screenshot of 1.28 and you’ll see what it means to have enough space on desktop 8)

(and take a look at the scrollbar at bottom of trackedit, you see i could use easily a third monitor, and thats the next what i’ll buy ;) )

btw: i’ve found a workaround: i’ve edited the config.xml directly and have set a writeprotection to this file, so renoise will open expanded over two monitors, buts its not very userfriendly to do so ;)


thanks for the update

i’m happy for the update but i can’t share the enthusiasm!

… a real new version with new long awaited features is more needed …

imho the 1.5.2. release shows that we must wait longer for 1.6 (or another bigger new release) …

nevertheless - thanks to the devs for the fixes.

The target with 1.6 is, that it comes as a refreshing application and not some app of which most people babble that 1.5.5 would have been a better version name for it.

I personally do not set any hopes for seeing the first public 1.6 beta released in the first half of 2006.

it’s not possible to change the username&password without creating a new account … but the board admins can set up the old number of posts after creating a new account.

the sense of version numbers should be clear … and i know Renoise is a spare time-job for the devs … but in a global point of view, the development is slow. slower as I thought after the 1.5 release. and the development of 1.5 should make upcoming releases faster - like the devs said a year ago. the information about upcoming releases are also very rare. IMHO the public discussions about concret upcoming features (THE new features of 1.6) are also more rare like with the 1.2x releases … don’t know why. is everything said? the Renoise development will be more and more a secret … good thing!?

don’t get me wrong, i’m happy with Renoise @ the moment … but in my head small questions about the future of Renoise will be bigger and bigger … i’m a victim of the MED (PC) development, you know!? ;)

I have dual monitors, and you are right, it doesn’t let you stretch the window past (1280)
I couldn’t find a config.xml though. :blink:

One thing that is very cool is that on a monitor i have that lets you flip it vertically (portrait versus landscape, like a sheet of paper) Renoise 1.5 works, and so you can see all 128 notes without scrolling.

a well known feature of modern gfx-cards is screen rotation … but what’s up with 256 or 512 pattern lines ;)

in wxp go to
“documents and user data”/yourPROFILENAME/userdata/renoise/v1.5.x/Config.xml

in w98 go to

or simply search for config.xml ;)

  • <!-- Window Metrics


<Property name=“mFullScreenSizeX” value="2560" />

but DONT touch renoise at boarder, it will shrink immadetialy to 1280x1024 :(
in this case you have to close renoise, open the xml and write the values again.

the best way is to write protect the xml .