Renoise 1.5 Alpha 4 / Os-x Released

To keep you updated : we have just uploaded a new OS-X build (alpha4). You can download it on the user pages.

afaik yes. still.

Today, I finally registered Renoise because of the OS X alpha - I really am very happy about this development :D

thanks guys,


I asked the same thing in THIS thread and got an answer


hm… call me stupid but where are the user pages?


thanks. so i guess i can´t login with my registration because i haven´t bought to get renoise.osx.alpha. right?

If you registered, you get a login account for the user-pages.
both Win and OSX editions are downloadable there.

You don’t register Renoise Win edition, you register Renoise 1.281a and get the benefit of downloading the Osx 1.5 alpha and be entitled to upgrades up to 2.1x(xxxx).

so i should be able to login with my (selfgiven) username and password? doesnt work for me (authentication failed). i can´t even send the password again to me (email unknown).

Hmm… If my memory doesn’t deceive me you don’t get to pick the password yourself.

Just to clarify: By registering you go to the order page and order renoise. The name you specify when ordering/registering will be your user name for the user pages. The password will then be sent to you in an email. (not 100% sue about the password).

Registering yourself for the forums is not the same thing as registering renoise. :)

Edit: you will find there order page by clicking here. It can also be found in the menubar above. If you came to this forum by using a direct link you may not see the menubar in wich case you need to go to

I got my password through email.
Your login name will indeed be the (full) name you supply and your login name is CASE sEnSitIve!

once again :

Renoise 1.5 Win32 / OS-X are only available to registered users right now.

if any of you has a valid licence and has problems with the user pages please let me know so we can fix your account.


ok thats the answer to all questions. so waiting for the public beta…