Renoise 1.5 Alpha 7 / Macos X Released

Dear Mac users,

Renoise 1.5 Alpha 7 is now also released for MacOS X.

Unfortunately this build does not contain a lot of mac-specific changes, there are still a number of problems I’m working on. Especially the CoreAudio-related crashes, I believed they were fixed already in the last release but obviously not.

I am very interested in seeing the Renoise.log and Renoise.crash.log files if you are still having problems with this release. The easiest way to send them is directly via email, blackis ( at )

For more info about the alpha 7 release, please see this thread: Renoise 1.5 Alpha 7 / Win32

Thankyou for all bug reports so far!

i’ve been using a6 on my ibook for some time now, and it ran rock-solid, just crashed when i tried to use jack-osx instead of core-audio as the audio-driver :)


So far Alpha 7 has been stable, no new issues to report apart from those already reported, and there’s really no need to re-report those that haven’t been fixed yet.

I guess we’ll se a ‘Mac Only’ Alpha 8 when the mac specific stuff is fixed, Like where is the ‘enable keyboard’ checkbox in the VST editor, refreshing of parameter names in the VST Automatisation plugin etc. ;)

I’m starting to suspect added ‘stress related’ bugs in Renoise, just look at the pixel bug described elswere…

I’ve finally been able to reproduce the CoreAudio crash on my machine, now it shouldn’t be too hard to fix it. After it is fixed I will start taking care of the rest of the reported bugs that aren’t fixed yet.

There might be another alpha for MacOS X, but it’s also possible these fixes will appear only in the public beta. I can’t make any promises.

Thankyou for your continued support,

sorry if this was asked or mentionned before but do you plan to make it work under MacOs X 10.2 or not ?
just to know if i’ll have to upgrade or not

sorry i searched and didn’t find much about it on the forum

The public alpha (which will be the next release) won’t work on 10.2, it’ll require at least 10.3.0. I’m planning on installing 10.2 myself to be able to see what’s causing the problems, but I’d definitely recommend upgrading to 10.3

Short answer: It require 10.3 now, in the future it might work with 10.2 but no promises.

thanks a lot for your reply and explanations