Renoise 1.5 Alpha 7 / Win32 Released

ok i won’t start a discussion about suggestions here - but i want not two ways to control the length! - the field beside the pattern shows the length only and the edit-field/buttons in the sequencer is for controling the length … ;)

For me it does. It runs fine in my win98 enviroment. Searching after plugins takes a while here though (approx. 5 minutes (?) with pretended freezes here)

Anyway, the rest seems to be rock solid! Great work devs!

has anybody noticed some small flickering lines within the pattern-ed (aprox: 20pixel width and 1 pixel height) on pattern movement or selecting something in the pattern !? maybe a gfx-card issue?!

… and my first a7-crash came after 15 minutes: by changing the shortcuts :(

(both things not reproducible at the moment - therefore that’s not a bug-report)