Renoise 1.5 Beta 3 Is Released

Dear Renoisers,

Renoise 1.5 beta 3 is released (Os X and Windows builds). For registered users as usual on the userpages, the public demos are on the official download page.

If there are no new problems with this build, this build will be the last 1.5 beta version. The next release will then be the RC (release candidate) 1 as soon as the rest of the major bugs are fixed.

Thanks again for helping us making this release rock stable! Please let us know if there are some major problems left.

On behalf of the whole team,


a great christmas gift!

It sure is!

Seems to work fine so far on the Mac.

Some minor issues with VSTi’s(No way to edit NI-Xpress keys, doesn’t respond to mouse clicks)
Buttons in the built-in VSTi editor(for ex. mda-DX10 don’t work

Workaroud for the above issues is to use the VST-Automator metadevice.

Menus/Contextual & Regular do not hi-lite the selection under the mouse cursor like the previous version did.

Just small issues that i bet are being worked on after the Holidays.

And well, I’d sure like to know who this ‘Hans Mustermann’ that the version downloadable from is registered to is :wink:

I’ll wait with futher issues(if i find some) untill after the holidays so the devs can get a well deserved rest.

YEP, who is ‘Hans Mustermann’???

and where have my keyboard shortcuts gone?

was no problem copying them over from beta1 to beta2…but can’t find the keyboard shortcuts file in beta3.

this could be because i am stupid, mind you.


Thats you, me and my mum. Its a placeholder name :) The registered versions are not yet the “final” ones, as we are still working on rewriting the web code to manage PC and MacOsX versions of Renoise.

In the final release you will see your name on the splash.

The configuration files are version specific.
Go to YOURHOME/Library/Application Support/Renoise.
There you will find a folder “1.5 b3”. Copy the keyboardmapping xml file from the Renoise root folder into this folder and you will have your mappings back.

Seems that we should automatically copy over the old config files of an older release, if possible. Though this is only a problem as soon as the versionnumber changes, which wont happen that often after the final 1.5 release is available.

Yes, Thats also ok. Sorry if this is confusing, but as I said before: This is just a temporary solution. The final versions will have your name on the splash. As usual.

Edit : I moved my message/question to another thread
(General Discussion / Update Announcement)

Damn… I was getting used to “LocallyPatched” now! Even thinking about changing my handle and everything! :P :D

I’ve got dips on RemotelyPatched :w00t:

ok…got my key maps back. thanks taktik

hey try to fix this high cpu usage :confused: .For example fruity loops uses about 30% less cpu.Im on 3 ghz with 1 GB of ram and Esi Juli@ soundcard.

Did your check your computers Date/Time settings? Renoise 1.5b3 runs here.