Renoise 1.5 Beta1 Released (win32)

Good news everyone!

Renoise 1.5 is leaving the alpha cycle and becoming a beta version. Right now only users who have licenced Renoise can download it but a public beta will be available next week.

Here is a copy & paste of the reg. users - newslettermail (its not the same newsletter to which you can subscribe on for those who did not get it (please check your accounts for valid email addresses):

yeeeeha! :yeah:

nice work, thanx all ! :)



Alfa 7 was already rock solid.

Beta 1 then… hmmm… it’s just getting better. :yeah:

Excellent!!! :D But how do I get it?? :( Me stoopid! :( :(

Really wonderful news, damn I can’t stop smile! :D

Win 32?

Does that mean it still won’t work on Win 98 machines…?

Win32(Bit) means it should run on any windows capable of running 32 bit code. Even Win95 is such an os, although i have no idea if you can meet other requirements like directx >= 8 there.

i knew it was good to stay at home tonight :)
alpha7 was looking good and so does beta1 - i especially like the instrument editor with its return of the funky envelope presets!

anybody else able to spot some additional enhancements? :ph34r:

alpha7+ (or now better beta1) with VST(i)'s is nearly as stable like 1.281 - 8h working on a heavy weight song and no crash … no problems

this is the greatest additional enhancement :yeah:

thanx Taktik & the whole DEV team … good work nevertheless this long overall release time since 1.281 ;) (one year?!) … 1.5 rocks!

Ok, I just couldn’t open the user page before, probably miswrote the password :rolleyes::yeah:

word word!!! now i can sleep at nite :)
congratulations dev team. you’re all modern time heroes!

:yeah: :drummer:

Congrats DEV’s!

1.5 is just great.
I’m sure the long and intense alpha testing will pay off.

I’m looking forward to spam 1.5 all over the place as soon as beta goes public :D


Wickedy-bo! Thanks for your hard work Renoise team. :)

Just wanted to add that the tutorial site is looking good too - I’ve learnt new stuff already (like dragging the sequencer seperator and adding a name to the pattern - how cool is that for organising arrangement - and what the loop bars in the sequencer are for).

Interesting… I just launched my 1.5 alpha 7 and it said that alpha testing period is over… and i should get the new version of renoise… I checked the website and saw the news about beta 1 released… :huh:

How my alpha 7 knew that beta is released? :unsure:


Renoise is intelligent! :D

AAARGH! Can’t have this pressure anymore! Where’s the public beta! I’ll go nutz! :blink: :panic:

…not that im impatient or ungrateful but any rough estimates of how shortly for the Mac beta? :dribble:


I’m waiting for it too, fortunately though the Mac version(1.5.a7) didn’t expire today :)