Renoise 1.5 First Song Demo

Whatever, I just decided to share this little melody with you guys, ripping the s§ine from Gilli, adding just a little beat…

I’ll finish the next tune before I upload it and share it. Promise. :rolleyes: Just wanted to be the FIRST to post ANYTHING made with 1.5!!! :w00t:

me too :D


funny fact: It saved a crash backup :lol:

hey that one is quiet nice! Damn finish that first!!!

That could propably fit as a Demosong in the final Renoisepackage :)

hahaha, the crash backup crashed renoise again! :D

Thanx for nice word, PT, I’ll finish it up, keep it small and leave it for the devs to eat. Or sumthin. :walkman:

wonderful, Sagosen! Truly enjoyed it!

Thanx gilli, so do I… :rolleyes:

But I’ve started a co-op with Sewen right now and this might lay low until 1.5 is ready and stable… Damn, it’s nice to see d&b of nice quality in 500k, samples only! :D