Renoise 1.5 Os-x Beta1 Available Too

actually the topic already explains it all. We have just uploaded the updated OS-X Build, i hope you will enjoy it.

Perhaps blackis will add some more notes about major fixes / changes to this thread later today.

So far it’s working pretty good.

Some things are still missing in the Mac version but i bet these will be added sooner or later.
Best would be if the Mac & PC versions were ‘feature identical’ when 1.5 final is released.

I’ll do my best trying to find bugs in this version and trying to get it to crash ;)

:yeah: looks fine to me so far, havent really tried anything… nice work guys :walkman:

If nothing very exceptional happens, this will definitely be the case.

Generally about the MacOS X version of the beta:

  • Finally the CoreAudio code should really work with all(?) cards. I’ve successfully tried it myself on the builtin card, an external M-Audio Firewire 410 as well as Jack (virtual sounddriver, which was known to crash Renoise earlier)

  • A lot of random crashes should be fixed (there was quite a major graphics redraw problem that could cause seemingly random crashes)

  • Some VST(i) GUI improvements (sorry, still no keyboard checkbox, it’s coming…)

I believe that’s it, the CoreAudio problem really has taken a lot of time but now it should be rock solid. If you still experience problems (crashes), please contact me personally at

Hope you’ll enjoy this release,

  • Simon

How does one download the OS X version? Obviously, I do not have Renoise (I only use a Mac) and would like to try the OS X version out before I make a purchase.

:lol: i’d wait just a few more days… to make sure it’s until 2.5

…and there you have it.

Hello all,

I’ve been lurking in this forum for some time now, waiting for a public beta to come out for OS X. Now that it’s here, I am looking forward to contributing (hopefully in a positive way) to the community.


Hello all Mac users,

I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be away on a trip for about a week with no access to a computer which means I won’t be answering to bug reports or other mac-related posts/emails. Please keep testing the beta though and report any bugs you still find and I’ll start taking care of them when I return from my trip.

A number of people have reported that Renoise doesn’t even start even though they are using MacOS X 10.3, I believe I know what the problem is and there will be a fix for this as soon as possible.

Happy tracking,

  • Simon