Renoise 1.5 Rc1 Has Been Released

Please also have a look at this thread, which contains some important information
about “RC - ok, whats happening now?”

Enjoy this release, and thanks for all the help, suggestions and support!


Renoise RC1 (Release Candidate 1) has been released!

We are proud to announce the release of Renoise 1.5 Release Candidate 1
for both Mac OS X and Windows. It can be downloaded immediately from (see Announcing “Renoise Backstage” below).

After a very intensive alpha and beta period, we’re just a few steps away
from our final release. Thanks to your feedback and the massive help on our
bug report forum, this release is already now the most stable version of
Renoise ever!

The build now contains all features and improvements that will be available
in the final version. If no major bugs pop up in this release, this build
will be the final version of Renoise 1.5, with no further changes.
Please test the build and give us some feedback in our community forum at This way we can ensure the quality of
this release, and soon start the developing of a new release with new
features and improvements.

Announcing “Renoise Backstage”

In addition to the release of RC1, we’ve made some enhancements to your
exclusive area as a registered user, Renoise Backstage (formerly known

These pages can now be accessed directly from the main
site. Please note, however, that the work on the pages is still in
progress - you can expect more enhancements, and some of the temporarily
disabled features, including feature polling, to return, in the near future.

Our current top priority is to make this release as stable as possible.
Any further updates to Renoise Backstage will be announced via newsletter.
If you have any problems logging into the site or installing the registered
version, simply drop us a mail at, describing the problems.
We also welcome any suggestions for improvements to Renoise Backstage.

w00000t! :D

Nice nice!

There is not many other vst hosts that are as stable as Renoise is now.
Keep it up renoise team!


Times like this I celebrate, so cheers. And thank’s for the work, it’s very appreciated.
[Note to self. Don’t write in forums when intoxicated]

Excellent…a question though; does RC1 have an expiration date like the betas did?

great job ! amazing product :)

This is by far the coolest invention since the Doorknob or the chair… ;)

So, is there the trial-period? Because I won’t have internet for a long time from tomorrow on ;)

great work guys! thanks!
im testing it now…


yum yum!

This relase has (as the final one) no expiration date.

Thanks for the info taktik - yeah, makes sense I guess, otherwise it wouldn’t be a true release candidate…

Thanks to the devs for a great release! Especially (since I use a mac) thanks to Blakis for ironing out all of the hard-to-fix bugs! VSTs work really now, and I haven’t as yet found any problems. Absynth works, woohoo! :D

Great news, 3 cheers for the devs team!

Really chuffed to see the AMod filter problem I reported has been fixed, and I’m still waiting to buy it!

Don’t suppose you could let us newcomers know how much cash we should put aside for it’s release do you?

Keep up the top notch work!

… and thanx for the pattern length add/sub buttons :)

… but one issue … at the moment the body shade option affects the slider-bars too but imho the the knob shade option should affect the slider-bar, because these bars are more or less a part of a knob, not a part of the body.


Thought there was a problem but there was not so all ok here…


Let me complete this:

Like that taste :)