Renoise 1.5 Rc1 - What Now ?

RC1 ?

First some notes about whats happening now and in the next weeks:
This release is the first RC (Release Candidate) release of Renoise 1.5, which
means that all major fixable bugs are ironed out, and the final release is
now really close.
Nothing in Renoise will now be touched now which could affect the stability of
the final product, so no more features (the small they might be) will be
introduced now.

Ideally, this build will be the final release without any changes, if there are
no major bugs that need to be fixed. If there are still some bugs that have to
be fixed, a RC2 will be released, which gets then again tested, and so on …

Known issues:

VST: There are some timing problems with Korg VSTis and some other plugs
which have a build in arpeggiator. One problem is that they sometimes run out
sync when playing notes in other patterns than the first one.
We have already spend a lot of time into this, but could not find a solution,
so we can not guarrantee that this can be fixed for the 1.5 final release.
But this only means that if we are not able to fix this /now/. We will fix it
sooner or later in a following release, if somehow possible. Renoise 1.5 is not the
end of the universe. Upgrades (Renoise 1.6 for example) will follow sooner or later.

MAC: The VST editor windows of some plugs (Reaktor 4 / some Korg plugs)
behave strange when they do not have the keyfocus (the “enable Keyboard”
button is disabled), and when resizing the window from within the plug window
We are working on a solution, but there is a possibility that we are not able to fix
this: Why? Because Renoise is a pure “cocoa” app, most other popular hosts are
“carbon” applications (which most plugs do expect), so the problem might be a
system related problem that we are not able to fix. But as said before: We will
see what we can do to fix this and keep you up to date.

Reporting bugs:

Please dont post any problems into the bug and problems forum if you are not
sure that it is a bug at all. Same goes for suggestions: We should concentrate
now to get the really important crash bugs fixed. There are so many hardware /
user / VST plug (/ Versions) combinations, that we could continue testing and
releasing for the next 10 years. The goal should be to find and kill the bugs that
need to be fixed “now”. As already said some sentences above: This is not the
end of Renoise. Updates will follow.

Again to make it clear: Noone wants to stop you from reporting issues, but
please help finding us the “real” problems that should be fixed for Renoise
1.5 “now”.