Renoise 1.5a7 Hotkeys...

not sure where to ask this but…

how can i copy my programmed shortkeys from v. 1281 to the new alpha version? is there a way or do i have to go through and redo them all over again?

try copying
from renoise 1.281
Documents and settingsyourusernameApplication datarenoiseV1.5a7
and rename it to

PS1: make a backup copy of KeyboardBinfing.xml, as I don’t know if this will work
PS2: the “Document and settings…” subfolder may vary depending on your OS, language, and so on…


would love to try it but am currently having issues with the 1.5 version freezing while scanning my VST dir. even uninstalled it completely and reinstalled it again but it still remembers which dir i chose for my VST’s. how is that possible?

(see my thread in 1.5 VST bug reports…)

sucks terribly.

k. was able to get renoise to load again. (phew!) but the keyboard thing didn’t work. good suggestion though.

any other ideas anyone? or am i stuck to do it the hard way? (yes, i was born lazy)