Renoise 1.6 Alpha

Nope, that was JUST APRILS FOOL

Wow, this rocks!



already crashed on me twice.

thanks for the link.
not sure if this is legal tho.
hope you won’t get sued!


nice one.

Argh! :blink: :lol:

Pah, that was just cruel!!

I laughed, though… :rolleyes:

i new it was april fools as soon as i saw this thread :lol:




tediousness strengthens creativity.
creativity alleviates tediousness.
after all, tediousness is mere imagination.

That explains my near constant boredom!

It also explains that great feeling of elation when working on and finishing a track. :smiley:

God will never forgive you for this :o

It’s the first time, an april’s prank worked for me :) Thanks

And sorry again to all of those, who thought there is something :)

Even better, this still cought me today :blink:
But eh… on the other side it should have been quite obvious that this was a fake, since this thread isn´t a sticky one :)