Renoise 1.8.0 Under Wine

are there any new improvements on this ? I’ve hit the same problem as mentioned above (using feisty final and wine 0.9.33. I’ve also tried it with cedega, but with no more luck. Perhaps crossover office ?

Until someone figures it out, I’m running renoise in vmware, which is slow as hell, but about usable :)

please have a look here, you vmware guy :)

i’ve succeeded with renoise 1.8.0 and wine 0.9.44 under fedora core 7 :yeah:
it starts, plays songs and all, but i’ ve not tested it very much… i’m going to see sting in tour and i’m in a hurry !
tommorow i’ll post some news.

here it is how i’ve done:

  • install renoise, it should work fine
  • locate your home directory, and under .wine, locate the renoise install directory
    my linux has italian locale, so it is under ~/.wine/drive_c/programmi/Renoise…
  • locate the Skin/Cursors
  • rename the Cursors subdir to something else… i renamed it to _Cursors
  • start renoise

please post your findings !

It does work. Somewhat.
Ubuntu 7.10, latest wine in repositories.
-Had to uncheck all graphics options in winecfg, else none of the dialogs responded.
-To slow and quirky to be useable on my laptop - 1.59 GHz, 896 RAM.
-Also, to use some shortcuts I had to release buttons between actions to make it work. For example, changing instruments with alt+arrows sometimes changed position in disk browser instead.

I’ll wait for the official port, and hope that initiative doesn’t die.

I only want to say that I have installed 1.8 on ubuntu too (under wine of course :) )… I’m trying it… sound quality is ok! I’m experiencing a little latency ( for example when I press a QWERTY key the sound starts a little bit later), and I have some problem with shortcut keys too.
The “preferences” doesn’t works good. (but seems to be only a “graphical problem”… the keys do what they have to do, but they are not displayed correctly, and the application doesn’t crash). “Render to disk” has the same problems.
btw: in winecfg I checked the “emulate a virtual desktop option” and it helped…
Anyway… Linux porting is a GOOD idea!! Wait for it! :)

what about 1.9 in linux?

Was that a wish or just a question?

I think he was inquiring as to whether 1.9 is working in wine… the guys who said they got it working in wine stated they were using 1.8

There is a difference in working under Wine or Linux even though Wine runs under Linux.

1.9 had the same troubles as 1.8. Didn’t find it all that usable.
Native Linux ReNoise FTW! That will be the day I buy my second license.

Just keep an eye your chimney for Santa then.

I didn’t tried 1.9 but I think it’ll be the same as 1.8…

I was curious about “renoise-on-wine” so I tried it :) , but to be sincere I must say that it is not a good solution in the sense that is is not as reliable and stable as on windows…

me too!

Santa’s on the dev team now? He should get a forum account also. I know some people who should get nothing but coal in their stockings, and would like to make sure the fat man knows about it.