Renoise 1.8 Final Was Released


sheds a tear Feels like a new baby was born…

‘Nuff respec’ - Big up the Renoise cru!

w00t!! :D … looking forward to having time to use the new release :P

can the renoise team mail me a certification that i am not able to work next two weeks. hrhrhrhr

Congrats Dev team - and the rest of us. I, for one, am taking the rest of the day off; this day’s for tracking, and tracking only. Yay!

Everyone should come to #renoise on and celebrate!! :D

Cubase users complain on the developers team, Renoise users praise them!

Big cheers to Taktik and other devs, you rock. Renoise ownz. Best tracker ever, best music-composing environment in the world.

And even those, who don’t agree and prefer other software have to admit, that the Renoise development team is TEH roxxorz!

Woohoo thank you thank you :D


I have two new tracks on the works, and the final version is MORE than welcome to help me out finishing them!

Thanks to the developers for a ROCK SOLID piece of software!


Renoise 1.8 is really great. Congratulations to the whole team! :yeah:

/img 2 asses with a renoise logo /img

Congrats :)

taktik edit:

Nice work lads :yeah:

Haha, pr0n… :P

Sweet to the bone, my lads! Really looking forward to see it properly installed in my Renoise-o-mobile tomorrow! :D

Congratulations to all the tracking enthusiasts in the world…
And a big thanks to Renoise team …

:w00t: YO YO YO!! :yeah:

congrats guys for this fine release :)

Thanks a bunch for the effort!
Since 1.8 my work flow has speed up like grazy :)

By the way, the automation panel now ROCKS! :yeah: Fantastic. :)

thank you to everyone in the development team, thank you to everyone who is apart of this community and keeps helping the devs improve this absolutely fantastic program.

i have no idea what i would do, or where i would be without renoise :)

cheers and much love,