Renoise 1.8 Rc1 Shrink/expand

Hi guys,
propably iam too stupid, but i can’t find the shrink/expand funciton for patterns nor can i find (as suggested in earlier discussions in this forum) the advanced edit function tab…

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Look at the right side above the pattern scrollbar for the button to show the advanced edit panel, there is also shrink/expand.

Cool cool cool,
thanks man!!!

Happy new year!


the thing I miss in the function is auto Dx command generating when shrinks and Dx command parsing to line sub-shift when expanding…

the thing i miss the most is the easily accessible tabs for audio and midi setup…especially audio; my system is perhaps not optimal for audio (esp. 10 yr old directx sound card…) and i regularly change latency up and down to get it as low as this thing will muster…
now its obscurely hidden away in a menu that reminds me of internet explorer’s preferences :expressionless:

you can assign a key to preferences dialog showing (I use ALT+P)

of course, in order to do this, you must open it the hard way once :P

i guess…its still a window that pops up over the pattern editor though…
having a box that pops out and resizes the main window - like advanced edit - would be much easier to work with.
That preferences window has some really vital stuff in it, need to make it more accessible…

edit: I do like the fact that there are propper drop down menus though; my suggestion would entail having the preferences item in that menu still there - just make it pop up that resized window instead of take over the whole tracker for it!