Renoise 1.9.0 Final Builds available

I wont bore you with 1.9 changelogs and stuff this time. 1.9 final is out. Thats it ;)

Registered versions of 1.9 final can be downloaded from the backstage from now on. Demo builds will follow later today. The “real” 1.9 release news and web updates will be done tomorrow.

Although we’ve tested the golden masters very very carefully, one can never know if everything is alright with the final builds, so it would be really really great if you all could give them try. Please let us know if there is something really urgent or evil that has to be fixed immediately.

Other small problems and tweaks have to wait until the next release, which is hopefully 2.0 (or 1.A :wacko: ). Guess we did everything possible to avoid the usual software patching hell - aka we did everything to make the final 1.9 release stable as a tank. Thanks again to everyone who was involved!

No go download this thing and do some music!

taktik for prez

im going to write some irritating nosebleed drill and bass to celebrate!

1.A would be rather cool in a way :)

Yeah man, been waitin on this for time.

Wicked work son. Really good.

Taktik, you worked so hard on this. Love for the effort, really. It is getting better and better.

1A…hehe… Afraid most people wouldn’t “get” it…an insider’s joke if there ever was one :slight_smile:

Great work!!!

Sure it is good, but backstage seems to be down…

thx anyway


*off to testdrive a tank :)

Congratulations Taktik, Congratulations Renoise!

Just a small detail, Taktik:

Renoise V1.9.0
Release date: Oct 2007
Web site:

Should be November. :)

Gonna try it out now. :)

Great job, the 1.9 final is here! :D

Another minor detail, not very important perhaps:

During installation, Renoise 1.9 Setup says it will create the program’s shortcuts in the following Start Menu folder: “Renoise 1.9.0 demo”

The “demo” shouldn’t be there for the registered version.

No, they were build in October :P

The installer memorizes the last used location for each version number. Seems you had installed the Renoise Demo before…

Ok, I know I’ve been nagging about Vista’s new audio interface but Renoise is running without ASIO and the smallest latency (5ms) playing many voices and using quiet some DSPs very smooth and fast. Even without a registered version I could use Renoise with low latency now. Great job, thanks for being up-to-date.


Yay. Good timing. Was going to setup and install a new Quad Core PC tonight. First software that gets downloaded and installed will be this :)

Congratulations and thanks.

woooooooohhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooooooo :drummer: :w00t:

if its just a minor update and you do not want to call it 2.0, then what is wrong with 1.10? everything that has to do with trackers doesn’t have to be hexadecimal ;)

New demo song by K303: “Ride The Lightning” classic tech step vibe with great production values :guitar:

thank you, renoise devs. you’re just awesome.