Renoise 1.9.1 Cant See Ratshack Reverb

Renoise 1.9.1 cant see Audio Damage`s Ratshack Reverb installed.

p.s. With rns 1.8 and 1.9.0 it`s ok.

Have you already checked if the VST paths are correctly set and if hitting the rescan button in the Renoise prefs makes it visible?

Does trashing the CachedFailedVSTs.xml in Renoises preferences folder help?

  1. Yeah, i checked and rechecked vst paths and hitted rescan button many times. All my vsts are in dumb named folders: VST for vstfx and VSTi for vst instruments. So there is no errors or mistakes there.

  2. Not yet, i`ll do it a bit later and reply here what is says.

Sorry for disturbing, but can u answer to this question?

It must be sounds weird, but i cant see preferences folder in my renoise app folder.
And no CachedFailedVSTs.xml around. May be im blindn`dumb?

p.s. also yesterday i installed Waves GTR pack. it doesnt appear in renoise, but when i`m rescanning vst folder i can see how renoise scanning them all, and i see there waves gtr file names, but anyway renoise still not see them.

Thanks again. I`ll report tonight about Ratshack & Waves GTR tonight.

Any news ?

Here is it, CachedFailedVsts -

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> C:\VST\Ratshack Ratverb\Ratshack Reverb.dll false C:\VST\TCWorks\Application Support\System\MessageServer.dll false C:\VST\Waves\DX Utilities\WaveShell-DX 5.7.dll false C:\VST\Waves\Plug-Ins\SSLChannel 1.1.dll false C:\VST\Waves\Plug-Ins\SSLComp 1.1.dll false C:\VST\Waves\Plug-Ins\SSLEQ 1.1.dll false C:\VST\Waves\Plug-Ins\SSLLib 1.0.dll false C:\VST\Waves\Plug-Ins\SSLLib 1.1.dll false C:\VST\Waves\Waveshells\WaveShell-DX 5.7.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\DX Utilities\WaveShell-DX 5.7.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\GTRLib 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\GuitarAmp 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\GuitarStomp 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\GuitarTuner 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\StompBuzz 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\StompChorus 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\StompComp 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\StompDelay 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\StompDistortion 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\StompDoubler 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\StompEq 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\StompFlanger 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\StompFuzz 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\StompGate 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\StompGateComp 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\StompLayD 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\StompMetal 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\StompOctaver 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\StompOverDrive 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\StompPanner 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\StompPhaser 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\StompPitcher 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\StompReverb 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\StompSpring 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\StompTone 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\StompVibrolo 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Plug-Ins\StompWahWah 2.0.dll false C:\VST\WavesGTR\Waveshells\WaveShell-DX 5.7.dll false C:\VST\Wavesvocal\Plug-Ins\DeBreath 1.1.dll false C:\VST\Wavesvocal\Plug-Ins\Doubler.dll false C:\VST\Wavesvocal\Plug-Ins\RChannel.dll false C:\VST\Wavesvocal\Plug-Ins\RDeEsser.dll false C:\VST\Wavesvocal\Plug-Ins\Tune 1.1.dll false C:\VST\Wavesvocal\Plug-Ins\VocalLib 1.0.dll false C:\VST\Wavesvocal\Plug-Ins\VocalLib 1.1.dll false C:\VST\Wavesvocal\Plug-Ins\Waves5.0.DLL false C:\VST\Wavesvocal\ReWire\WavesReWireDevice.dll false C:\VSTi\KORG\KORG Legacy\audioio\asio.dll false C:\VSTi\KORG\KORG Legacy\audioio\directsound.dll false C:\VSTi\KORG\KORG Legacy\audioio\mme.dll false C:\VSTi\KORG\KORG Legacy\language\default.dll false C:\VSTi\KORG\KORG Legacy\language\Legacy1041.dll false C:\VSTi\KORG\KORG Legacy\MidiFilter.dll false C:\VSTi\KORG\KORG Legacy\mixer1.dll false C:\VSTi\KORG\KORG Legacy\mixer2.dll false C:\VSTi\KORG\KORG Legacy\mixer3.dll false C:\VSTi\KORGvst\Korg\MidiFilter.dll false C:\VSTi\KORGvst\Korg\mixer1.dll false C:\VSTi\KORGvst\Korg\mixer2.dll false C:\VSTi\KORGvst\Korg\mixer3.dll false C:\VSTi\Sytrus\reverb.dll false C:\VSTi\Sytrus\Sytrus DXi.dll false

You might try remove this entry from the file:

<dllname>C:\VST\Ratshack Ratverb\Ratshack Reverb.dll</dllname><br>

And try one more time, if it keeps logging it as a failed plug then Taktik will have to take a look at it.
It could be a buggy plug depending on what it does.

Ratshack is a simple replica of an old reverb unit.

The same. Doesnt work.

But its strange - look at the log, there are SSL plugins, Korg Legacy and ILs Sytrus looks like broken too, but they are working ok! Weird!

So, Waves GTR bundle and that Audio Damage Ratshack Ratverb isnt working anyway.

Waves plugins are known to quarrel with Renoise occasionally… if below a certain version (4.10 or something similar don’t really work)
Plugs that you say are working but are on the list might be dll’s that do not function as a plugin or you may have an older version of the same plugin somewhere else in the folder that you actually are not using anymore…
there may be various reasons why a plugin is listed as failing but seems working alright.

I thinks its the best if you contact AudioDamage and ask them to took a look at this. There is no demo of their products available so I can not quickly test this for you.

When hitting Rescan in Renoises preferences whith the “Rescan previously failed plugins”, Renoise will try to open the dlls that are not marked as “crashed”. So you might try to hit Rescan again, then take a look into the “Log.txt” file beside the CachedVSTs.xml file. There we will maybe see more details /why/ it failed to open.

These are all dlls which are no VST plugins but just dlls the real VSTs dlls need, so thats OK.