Renoise 1.9.2?

im looking forward to suprises and new features :) :w00t:

1.9.1 is still in release candidate on linux… do you really think 1.9.2 is comming soon? …
but if… remeber the timestretching feature… ^^

are you serious?

late post

damn i just thought i had missed something, :panic:

but im looking forward to see where renoise is going next :yeah: (remember PDC :D )


For this minor 0.0.1 update I expect PDC, Arranger, Piano Roll, Multiple output support and maybe Auto Compose mode so that I can watch TV and let Renoise do the work while I’m resting.

Don’t forget the brain-to-pattern direct interface!

Oh ok, i didn’t know that.

Rumors say, Renoise is already sold to Steinberg and it will be integrated into the next Cubaseupdate called Steinberg ReBase 1.9.2 Ultimate. Approx. costs: 400$

Taktik moved to Hawaii in the meanwhile, still having his sourcecode in the bag and will from now on only update his program for himself, since he’s obviously fed up by the community and useless threads in the general board area.

That you, of course, take no part in… <_<


where do we get the cracked version? <_< :P

That would be aces! I would remain registered until the release of Steinberg ReBase 2.9.1! :D

why releasing the next version as 1.9.2?

we will release a version, featuring multilayering, breakcore generator and arranger, then a featuring MIDI2XRNI, built-in SQL database and some bugfixes regarding the newly introduced features, then a featuring RenoiseOS, a PalmOS porting and the usual bunch of bugfixes.

a 1.9.(1) is also expected to be released soon, then we will start back from 0.0.1, rewriting the application from scratch.

They’re realeasing 1.9.1.anus just for me & it’ll have everything I wished for in the forums. This will include a pron window so I can continue my multi-monitor pleasures without ever having to leave fullscreen mode.

with all respect, why does it seem such a sin to ask about future feature plans ? perhaps if the team was a bit more to the point about this (something like a sticky with official future plans) we wouldn’t have to speculate and make (annoying) posts about it.

is it really that weird we want to know what to expect from our hero coders ?

is overall development set back until the linux port is finished ?

I guess posts like this is funny just because the “new” versions gets “old” kind of quick and the demand of new features grows every day.

also, we like surprising people. if we reveal all our plans, where should our surprises go?